Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Gettin' Krazy in Gazluk Keep

While Project Gorgon doesn't have a lot of raid content currently outside of the random World Boss event, it does have a couple really challenging dungeons: Labyrinth and Gazluk Keep. They are the level 60 and level 70 dungeons in the game with Gazluk Keep being the current top group content experience in the game.

Big Dungeon, Lots of Scary, Much Death!

A few weeks ago I wanted to test my new-found power as a level 80+ character and see if I could solo the entrance mobs to Gazluk Keep.  Knife Fighting has an Orc Language synergy level, and that might have also played a part in my curiosity . . .

So I dipped down the front stairs, agro'd an angry orc and pulled him up. I died of course.  Players aren't typically meant to solo group content, but I'm stubborn. So I switched up my kit a bit, and swapped out my Fae Bee Pet for my good ol' faithful fire rat. The next attempt was much closer! I got the orc down to within 1000 hit points and screamed excitedly into the guild chat.

There was a lot of death and it took a few tries, but eventually I was able to swap agro with my pet, hamstring snared the mob with perfect timing, and killed my first 12k melee-based orc all by myself . . . even better, he dropped a legendary quality item. (The bow-slinging elite orcs . . . well, let's not talk about those.)

After soloing five elite orcs, I drew some curiosity from my fellow guild mates, who started dropping by Gaz Keep and before you know it, we had a group formed up and were farming the front hallway and entrance of Gazluk Keep for loot.

BTW, those elites that lockdown your skill bar . . . nasty!

Since that time, we've headed back in to Gazluk Keep two other times, and we keep getting further and braver with each attempt.

It's pretty monumental for our guild. Rewind about four months ago, we didn't even have the strength to do the Dark Chapel Daily dungeon without wiping multiple times. Now the Dark Chapel is a cake walk, we frequently run the daily in Fae Realm, and now we're hitting Gazluk Keep. BAM!

Out of all of us, our Guild Leader has the most knowledge of the dungeon. He's got pins in his map at all the bosses and chests and breaks down the strats. He's been through pretty much all of it when the content was brand new (pre-Fae Realm) and everyone who was anyone was adventuring in Gazluk Keep.

Just a couple days ago we journyed to an NPC named Melandria, who . . . and this is uncomfortable to say . . . is an elf being kept as a sex slave in Gaz Keep . . . and she's ok with that.

Oh Project Gorgon, you're so quirky!

As it turns out she has a really cool "hang out" where you discuss Orc Grammar for 4 hours and earn 1,000 orc language exp!  That's huge!  Especially considering before this you're learning orc at a whopping 5 exp per rare drop. Do the math there . . . that's like getting 200 rare drops . . . yup . . . awesome. I'm now level 23 in Orc with only 2 more levels to go until synergy.

That's one dead golem boss!

Ultimately Gazluk Keep is all about the loots. Every time we go here, my backpack is overflowing by the time I leave. Unfortunately I have all better gear equipped and no "upgrades" drop for me . . .  it's phloggin' time! (My Transmutation skill is in the high 60's now yay.)

That's one dead golem boss's loot!

I guess it would be pretty cool to get a full set of Metal "Death Trooper" armor. If you're wearing 4 or more pieces of Death Trooper armor, you can get a kind of set bonus ability called the Death Trooper's Battle Cry, which heals you for 350 health, and this armor does have a cool look for Project Gorgon's standards. Squad goals.

It's easy to see why all the old guard in Project Gorgon are hoping for a new level 80 dungeon. There's really cool stuff in here, it's fun group content, and incredibly profitable.

Happy Dueling!

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