Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ahhh, that old Everquest jam. :) Hatesfury

Guys! Guys!  EVERQUEST!

So, I found out thanks to Massively that Everquest was having their 18th anniversary, and you could get a free level 85 heroic character for logging in.  I'm like . . . that sounds perfect. done.

I redownloaded Everquest and hopped in game on my two accounts.

When they ran this offer before I jumped my existing level 70-something Beastlord (This is the original Stingite) to an 85 heroic and created a new 85 heroic Barbarian on my other account (always with the hopes that my wife will someday join me).

Back then I spent a lot of time getting my old cleric (the one that started this whole nonsense of playing MMOs . . . truly my first character in an MMO) AAs in the Plane of Sky by two-boxing the Barbarian and my cleric . . . and then I lost interest as it just stopped being fun.

This time I jumped my cleric (makes all that farming in the plane of sky a bit pointless, but seriously, who cares) up to a heroic 85. And created another heroic cleric on my second account.

Meet . . . Bigdeal . . . he's kind of a big deal . . . or no big deal at all . . . your choice.

Anyway, there was a particular quest back in the day that I always wanted to do. We're talking 2003-2004 timeframe.  Funny enough, it takes place upon a pirate ship named Hate's Fury.  There was a hammer from the raid boss that proc'd little pets to help damage your enemy.  There were only maybe 2-3 weapons in the game with this unique effect, and I wanted it.

I remember asking my guild leaders about it at the time, and they were like . . . "Let me get this straight. You want us to lead a raid into a zone that no one really does and farm four rare items that spawns a raid boss that takes around 20-30 people to kill for a chance at a rare item? No.  But tell you what . . . if you get the four items in advance and have them ready to turn in, we'll give it a shot."


I never could even convince a group to go to Hate's Fury to farm for them.

Oh well.

Fast forward to today.  I ran my two new characters over to that old zone and it was cake.  I really never even had to worry.  I'd pull the whole zone down on me, and my heroic characters were so far beyond this area that it was just ridiculously easy.  So, I began my solo farm for those items for a long forgotten weapon that I don't need.

After 3 hours or so, I had the items.

This morning I decided to take my  two heroic characters and see if I could take on the raid boss that used to require 20-30 people.

I buffed. I prepped. I summoned the inner zen.  Turned in the items and spawned the demon.

About 5 seconds into it, I realized that this was, again, far too easy for these two characters.  Before you knew it, Captain Krasnok was dead and I was done . . . and the Vander's Bane hammer didn't drop, but that's ok. I got to do the quest, and I have the items ready to go so I can do it one more time.

Here's to hopefully finishing goals that really are no longer goals 14 years later!

Happy Dueling


tek said...

Vanguards of Excellence... I miss those days. lol I'm glad I found your post stingite! Good that your sense of humor is still there!

Stingite said...

Thanks, Tek! Glad I could help remember those old days. :)