Thursday, July 14, 2016

A ninja pig of a different bacon

So, I've fallen into a bit of a gaming slump lately.

  • I'm at the final battle for Kane in Valencia 2, and I just need to find some time and mental space to give it a shot.
  • Morgrim and I have only been playing Wizard101 every other week lately.
  • I'm stuck in Terraria, so I'm a bit stand offish from it right now
  • Pokemon Go won't work on my phone.
  • I'm too poor to go buy a new game.
  • D&D play is a special occasion.
  • I'm on a hiatus from my Sunday night game group.
  • I'm also on a hiatus from DDO -- kinda got bored there.
  • All the other hundreds of games or so in my collection just aren't calling to me.
Where does that leave me?  That leaves me stumbling through the free to play games on Steam, where I found a ninja pig of a different bacon: Iron Snout.

HIYA! (I'm pretty sure that's ketchup on the ground there)

So you're a pig with some pretty sweet ninja skills. You've got low kicks, high kicks, double flips . . . you can cut off the heads of your enemies and then use them as projectile weapons . . . but you aren't much for moving around or being stealthy.  No, you're a pig, in the middle of the screen, and this horde of wolves have you marked as enemy number one.

COME AT ME BRO . . . and, yes, they'll come at you wielding axes, cleavers, rockets, chainsaws, and baskets of baked goods . . . and I'm sure as you survive longer, they'll have other nefarious ways to try and take you down.

I wouldn't say this is the most enlightening of game experiences I've ever had, nor the most fun, but when it comes to filling the void . . . thank you Iron Snout!

It even comes with a two-player mode where you can bounce a ball at a pig-friend and try to score points by getting the ball past them air-hockey-style with no animated violence whatsoever! I'm not going to say I beat my kids 2 games out of 3, but . . . ok, I already said it.

If you give Iron Snout a shot or are already familiar with this mayhem, gimme a shout in the comments below with your high score!  I just happened to score this . . .

It's a good number, and I got an achievement! (Look at those stupid chuckling wolves.)

Happy Dueling

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