Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Miitomo and Me

(Continuing along with the #OneWeekDailyBlogging challenge from Emy . . .)

Hey all, so I had a wicked long bout of sleep last night. I'm not even kidding . . . 10-11 hours of sleep. I think the sleep deprivation finally caught up with me and I just crashed. I normally would have played a few games last night and then had something to write about, but the only thing I really played yesterday was Miitomo.

Yup, Miitomo . . . it's still a thing, well at least it is for me, and I haven't spent a dime and I kind of feel bad about that. I figure if I've played a free app for any significant amount of time, I should probably ante up at some point to tell 'em thanks for all the fun. I don't feel the pull to get all the outfits I see and change them out 20 times a day or anything like that so the monetization pull doesn't really work on me. 

Miitomo for me is simply 20-30 minutes a day chatting with new friends and my family, although, I can tell our interests are all waning a bit.  My son hasn't logged on in a long time, but can I just say his answers on Miitomo were the sweetest, cutest thing in the entire world?

Let me give you a few of his answers:
  • What current event has grabbed your interest? My hard working spirit.
  • What does friendship mean to you? Kindness.
  • What's something funny that's happened to you recently? Nothing really other than my dad making kermit the frog jokes.
Man I love that kid! :)

I used to post a bunch of pictures from Miitomo on my Twitter timeline, but I felt like it was starting to get a bit spammy. Although, I think I kind of liked the question posts more than the straight up outfit change posts if I was to do more.

That would be this.

vs. this.

Do you have the app?  Hate the app?  Ever bought anything on the app? Lemme know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Dueling!

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