Friday, March 27, 2015

KI LIve -- March 26, 2015

Hey all!  I had a great time on KI Live with Leala and #JuliafromKI.  Here's the video if by some crazy chance you haven't seen it yet:

We had a chance to answer some great questions, play through Baddle of the Bands, Talk Test Realm, Chat with Matthew F, and even encourage the wizards to play through a little bit of Pirate101.

Hope you all were able to join us!

Happy Dueling!


Duncan StormThief said...

The show was great. You always manage to shine on and cast a light to the community with your positive energy. Grats to all three of you!

Anonymous said...

Love all the KI Live shows! I look forward to them each month. I've learned so much about the game from both of you and I love your chemistry together. Keep up the good work! I also loved the "Retired Malistare" video! What a hoot! You are just totally entertaining! Keep doing this stuff and we'll keep watching!
--Grace Silverdust (and the Silverdust Sisters - charming the Spiral since 2010) :)