Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do I Twitch? Do you Twitch?

Got a question over Twitter from Edward Anvilshard: "@FriendlyNecro do you have your own twitch account?"

My answer was "Yup! I hardly ever stream though because . . . kids, noise, and interruptions."

At one time I thought about streaming some Pirate101 play and having other people choose things for me . . . like which class I was going to play and if I should do certain side quests. I've seen other streamers use really cool apps to announce things and run live polls, and I would love to do more of that. I have a really stupid "I'm an entertainer" bug inside of me that gets really jealous when I watch other streamers, and it makes me wish I could do it more often.

To make matters worse it seems like my playtime lately has been totally shot because my kids suddenly found a renewed love in playing Roblox.

If you'd like to follow me in case I do get a wild hair to stream:

If you have thoughts, suggestions, hints, or tips about streaming and want to share them, I'm all ears. Leave a comment!  Also let me know your twitch stream channel in the comments.

Happy Dueling!


Unknown said...

Hey Tom, thanks for answering my question. I'll be sure to follow you!

For anybody that's interested in streaming, I would highly recommend using OBS. It's a great piece of software; it's free, open-source, and has lots of third-party plugins.

As with any streaming application, you will need a fairly good computer to run it.

Twitch has a great guide on how to set it up:

If anybody needs help with any steps, you can stop by my stream ( or shoot me a tweet. (@man0fbass) I'm happy to help :)

Unknown said...

Hey! just made my Blog!


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