Sunday, December 13, 2009

Moshi Monsters ROXS!

In the recent Fun Online Games magazine, my kids and I were reading about moshi monsters and they were overwhelmed with the desire to go play it. So, I let 'em of course. When the kids are going crazy over something they just saw a picture of, you know that they want to experience that game . . . that something in the essence of that picture, they pictured themselves in that world for a moment and felt excited inside!

I signed up as well . . . as any gaming parent should. So up front I'm going to give you a link to my moshi. If you sign up through me I get in game currency. um, yay!

HI, here I am in my room this morning.

Look how sad my friend banzai tree is with only 2 friends . . . that'd be my kids.

I earned fourth level this morning and rocked out a bit because of it.

My moshi is so proud of me.

The big way to earn levels in this game is to complete your daily puzzle. It doesn't take long to do at all, but it's of huge importance.

But, to actually level from playing the daily puzzle, you have to have a happy and well-fed moshi. There's plenty of food to be found on main street, and happiness is just a mini-game away!

What I love about the mini-games here as a parent is that they aren't just mindless. These mini-games involve math, spelling, concrete and abstract thinking, history, current events, and common sense.

All these things that you do will earn you . . . ROX. Rox are the currency in Moshi monsters land and you will never have enough for the things you want to do here. LOL. I do all my puzzles and still want more. I NEED MORE ROX! you know, for food and furniture and wallpaper and stuff.

Luckily, there's another way for non-subscribers like me to earn rox. It's the ice cream shop:

Yeah, this is the standard "cooking mama" type of food preparation game that you find at a lot of websites out there. You start off with 1 color of cone, 2 flavors of ice cream, and one topping. By the end you're serving up ice cream cones in heck with 3 cone types, 5 ice creams, 6 toppings, and 4 flavor boosts to some very anxious moshi monsters.

You cap at 100 rox earned from this game. Yeah, I'm addicted to rox . . . I need rox to buy seeds.

If you grow the right combination of flowers in your Moshi garden you attract moshlings, which are the pets in the game. They hang out in your house or in your zoo (if you're a member).

I have one moshling: DJ Quack. He's a common variety of moshling.

My daughter digs this game so much that she's decided to keep a blog about it for the time being (she goes by the handle boogie woman . . . don't ask). She dictates to me what to type and I type.

My kids dug this game so much that they dug into their piggy banks to each do a one-month subscription. Will this game have lasting power? With my kids? Nah, they like to float from game to game. Is it fun for the moment? Yup!

And I was never heard from ever again,

The End.


John DreamWalker said...

LOL, my son and wife got addicted to that game as well to the point my son wants to cancel his Wiz 101 account and get the moshi one. but as soon as he saw the new houses coming to Wiz he jumped back to it,LOL got to love kids. as always looking forward to your next post.

Happy Dueling

Isaiah Spelldust said...

So could you put my blog back on that blogroll? Since I am blogging on it again,

Silverheart said...

I have a moshi. I don't go on ever my friend showed me to be honest it bores me no battles no cards no swords...

cody sky rider said...

idk that game almost looks wierd.

lol i think i will give it a try but i will NEVER EVER EVER in a million years like that game more than wizard

lol the only reason you started this blog is beacuse of wizard so that game could never be beater

than wizard lol.

Stephanie said...

No wonder your children wanted to play the game. I showed my sister the pictures and asked if she will play the game? the answer was an immediate yes. I, however, never think I will play a game like that :P just not my thing lol

Casandra Wickes said...

Our family has been on this site a lot and my two daughters have countless monsters! The site gets better the longer you use it, as the puzzles become more challenging and extras shops and areas to explore are added. We found it originally through a site called Friv which we continue to use. The teachers at our daughters' elementary school use both sites as part of their reward system. 10/10.