Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old questions revisited for Alex's Sake :)

Heya all!

Got an email from a reader:

Hey Friendly,
My name on Wizard 101 is Alex LionThief! He's a level 20 necromancer. He's my main character and I want to ask you three things.

1. Why do areas cost money on Wizard 101?
2. What's better? A membership for a month or 13,750 crowns?
3. What is the best secondary school for Death?
4. Can you please put this on your website please?!

From, Alex LionThief.
P.S. Your the best of the best in the mid-west!
1. Areas cost money in Wizard101 simply to give you options. Here's a quote from an old page from 2008.

"Online entertainment company KingsIsle Entertainment today launched a new payment option that essentially lets players of the company’s new virtual world, Wizard101 ( decide for themselves which game payment plan suits them best, whether it’s via monthly subscription or micropayment. Each of the four imaginative 3D worlds currently in Wizard101 contains zones that are now individually unlockable through micropayment. A considerable amount of game content remains free to play. "

Even though it's out-of-date (LOL @ four imaginative 3d worlds) The information on that page holds true today as well. The idea was you could either subscribe or unlock areas as you go for the lifetime of the game. Fast forward to today, it's still like that, but now you also have the European versions of the game where if you really want a free and open world, you can have that too. (It does come at the price of playing a 12+ hour difference than most of those people and in some cases a language barrier.)

2. I've actually answered this question before (a couple times actually), but it really comes down to what type of player are you? If you're the type of player who will crash your way through a game, beat it, and then never revisit it, go membership. If you're the type of player who works through a game slowly area by area, then go crowns--just try to buy your crowns on sale in a big lump to really get the most value. ;)

There's also a few things that give members a few additional perks:
- Members can hatch twice a day instead of one.
- Members can have 120 slots in your backpack instead of 80.
- Members can pvp for free instead of paying crowns per match.
- Stuff like that

To answer your question directly, however, the $20 cards you can buy have a value of 10,000 crowns or a 2-month subscription. So . . . 13,750 crowns definitely seems like more value than a 1-month subscription in that light.

3. Well, here's some old recommendations. You know, the mastery amulets have really changed the game now.

I was actually asked a similar question by a friend at work recently:
OK, imagine, if you will, a Level 36 Myth / Storm Wizard with Three Training Points.

What should they be used for, and when, for maximum game effectiveness?

(Gear is all True Silver Armor, level 30, and only a Conjurer’s Deck)
Here was my response to him:
Most min/max people traditionally throw off the chains of a “secondary” class and go two of three routes:
  • Ice to Tower Shield
  • Life to Satyr
  • Death to Feint

Besides that, there's a few other cards people like to get:
  • Pick up the Reshuffle (so you can really tweak a short deck and still have a backup plan)
  • Balance to Weakness
  • Max Sun Magic post-Celestia
  • Sprinkle in Vengence, Amplify, and Empowerment from Star Magic.
  • Polymorph Treant from Moon Magic.

The new class necklaces have kind of tweaked that though. If you’re wearing one of those, storm (as you’re doing) or life (because you can’t beat healing). The problem with Storm as a secondary is the lack of AOE skills directly in the line (the GREAT AOE spells like Tempest, Storm Lord, Sirens--although there are treasure cards). Your Humongofrog is where your real power is for killing quickly. Just make sure your sideboard is full of treasure cards that amp that damage (strong, giant, monstrous, gargantuan, colossal) and that you’re stacking blades more than traps. Get a pet that gives a balance blade (like one of the aqua dragons)

. . . something like that. :p

And I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE your mileage may vary (YMMV)--especially if you're a pvp'er. Go ahead and post your recommendations readers! :)

4. Done. :) Thanks for reading.

Happy Dueling!


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