Monday, April 18, 2011

Times, They Be Changing!

Dear readers,

It is time for a change.

I have made the decision that I will no longer be keeping a daily blog about Wizard101 (things haven't really been "daily" here at all lately anyway). It's been a great two years and eight months writing about Wizard101, accumulating 1,260 blog posts and a whole ton of comments from my amazing readers.

It's been a lot of fun that's even led to a couple trips to Austin to meet the fine people of KingsIsle, who I appreciate deeply. Without their generosity, The Friendly Necromancer could not have held all the raffles that we had. KI is a great company with outstanding employees. This blog has been yet another interesting highlight in my life. We've had a lot of fun! If you're coming late to the party, read through this post for kind of a road map to how we came to this point in time.

If you head to the fansite page for Wizard101, you'll see that things are now on equal footing as I am not really acting as a community leader for Wizard101 anymore, but I'm still on the list. :) I'm not completely abandoning Wizard101. I still play it, and my family still enjoys it. I just finished up an article about it for Beckett's Fun Online Games this morning. I still have Angus to finish leveling. Et Cetera . . . you'll still see me around. :)

I am, however, taking a break while I gather some new ideas as I try to figure out a new direction. The format of this blog may change or may become part of something grander. At this point I don't plan on completely discontinuing posts about Wizard101, but it won't be at the rate that it was for so long. If I do end up writing on another blog, I will definitely leave a link somewhere for the TFN faithful to check out.

The content on this site will remain up and free for all in the meantime.

Thanks so much for your understanding, and I wish you all the best.


Happy Dueling!


Evan LionTamer said...

omg omg omg friendly noooooooooooooooooooooooo! you cant stop blogging yet! my wizardly life depends on you!
* cries *
Evan LionTamer
your biggest fan

witchwarrior said...

We all understand you need a break. Well deserved! See ya in the Spiral pal!


Anonymous said...

It was great getting you know you Tom. You deserve a break. I do appreciate the opportunity you gave me to show some of artwork. Thanks a million.

Aedan Blueflame

Alura Duskblade/Echo said...

It's been a great 8 months or so as I've read and followed your blog. Your sense of humor has always made me laugh, and all of your posts are interesting to read. I totally respect your decision to leave... But, like most people, I will miss you. D:

That being said, I can't wait to see what ideas you'll have up your sleeves when you return! =)

Icy Wiz said...

You have given so much of yourself in service to the community. This blog alone, aside from your work as a Community Manager, has been a labor of love. It's given us a glimpse into your gaming family and I feel privileged to have had that peek. I remember the day Diapermancer was born and was on the launch page. You are talented, funny and dedicated to giving your best in everything you do. I can't wait to see where your journey takes you, and I'll be a follower at every milepost. Love, Icy.

Unknown said...

Well Thomas, I think you deserve a long rest.

I would like to say a little something if that's okay.
You are the person that truly got me hocked on Wizard101 and I wanna say Thank You. Its been great hanging out with your Family, you truly will be missed.

As I take my Next step into the Wizard101 community, I wanna say its because of your inspiration and Idea for the Pet Site that has made this possible.
I will forever have a link to The Friendly Necromancer Blog so that all the new members will see what the game was like since the beginning.

I wish you and your family the best-est of luck with whatever you all do, and I will look forward to seeing you in The Spiral soon :)

M.W.S said...

Same comment as Cass. thanks for all you day Mr. Friendly and your awesome family.

Good luck in the future man.

- M.W.S

Kieran Stormcaller said...

Hey Friendly,
You have been the best blogger I have ever known and you inspired me to blog. We all need a break sometimes. i.e. I no longer post on my blog and I hardly play Wizard101. If you need another game while ya think try Monster Hunter Tri for wii. Had it for a few months now and havent beat it.
Sayonara Mr. Friendly, Sayonara

Anonymous said...

It's about time! lol jk! You have done so much for this community by give help to others and just having fun! I wish you the best of luck on finding your new path on what your going to do next for this blog!

Angel Winterbreeze said...

Although it's very heartbreaking to see you go, I respect your decision. I have followed your blog close to about 15 months and I love all your posts. It always made me wonder, and question some of the features and quests in the game. I hope you enjoy your break and come back and join us again soon. Stay safe and always have fun. :)

HelpfulWizard said...

You deserve the break Friendly. I wish you luck in what you wanna do.

Matt and Mel said...

When I first saw the title, I thought it was Daylight Savings time or something.(lol) But, then I read the article..

I'm sure all of us will miss you for the period/periods you are gone. Thank you for all that you have done for us Wizard101 fans. You rock Friendly!!

Paige MoonShade said...

Aww Friendy, You will always be The Friendly Necromancer in my eyes. I so understand taking a break and I know I will see you around the spiral. Hugs to you and your family on your Journey.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

P.S. It's been a wild ride hasn't it? ;)

Kevin BattleBlood said...


Thank you, for all your advice on community relations, your inspiration for me to improve on writing and communicating, and behind-the-scenes stories you've shared with me, in relation to Wizard101. Your posts over the past year and a half have helped drive a community as great as this, and I've met a lot of great friends through your blog (Sierra Starsong, Cassandra Griffindreamer, Kestrel Shadowthistle, and many more). The content you provide(d) helped unearth so much within us. We will (and still) miss the 2009-2010 days ~


drewsimon said...

Well, the party can't last forever. Its been fun Friendly, and thanks for a fun and funny Blog over these past 3 years.

Jack is AWESOME said...

I understand :) (Although I did foolishly pretend to freak out in my house then come back and skim the post) You've been a great leader, you've inspired many players. You've written in Becketts, You made the most sucessful and best wizard101 blog, and played and gave us all so much laughter! Thanks for making this blog Thomas!
~Vanessa EmeraldGlade

Fatal Exception said...

You can never truly be far from us, you are too much a part of us, dear friend. If anyone deserves a rest, it's certainly you.


Thank you friendly necromancer! Thank you for all you have done for the society! I can understand you need a break but i am still sad :(

This may be my Final "THE FRIENDLY NECROMANCER ROCKS!!" :(


x salutes x

JJ said...

I love this blog, and have visited it everyday as my Wizard101 life line.
You do deserve a break, but I wish you could look at this blog as your break. We all understand that it is hard to post everyday, but we don't expect you to.
I don't know if I will even buy a new sub know, because with out you to tell me what is up at Wizard101, why even care?
I will miss you, as you have became a part of my daily life.
Give your baby a kiss on the cheek from me, and tell your family that I will miss there funny post as well as yours.
I don't think Wizadr101 will be the same with out you.
I hope that you will some day re-post here, and I will check back everyday just to see.
I will miss you Friendly.

Not so Happy dueling now.

Arlen Dawneyes said...

I've noticed, and you deserve a break. If you completely abandon it, I'll be going -*fan sobs*-. GO FRIENDLY!

Donna SpellThorn said...

We all love you, Friendly, and we'd hate to see you go, but that's not our decision to make. Good luck.

flash333 said...

Aw, I'll miss you.
I read your blog almost everyday, and I always look forward to what you have to say.
Hopefully you'll come back to this blog one day to continue the adventures (hopefully at least when wt comes out).
Thanks for all the good times friendly and take care.
And until next time, God bless and happy dueling.

Joshua Lionbane said...

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????????????????????????????? why must you go friendly! and I just met you too :(

-joshua lionbane

ps. just met meaning that i just met you in-game, not the blog

pps. I have been reading the blog for over 2 years

ppps. will you be totally quitting wizard101 too? or just the blog?

Anonymous said...

:D My brother refuses to play W101 until you come back

LDC lvl 60 Death

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Btw, before you leave, can you at least host a meet and great so we can meet you in game?please?


x sighs x

Morgrim Trollfriend said...

I will always follow your Wizard101 posts...they're the best and help me to keep playing when it looks like I can't get anywhere in always gives another look on the game.
Thanks Friendly

-Morgrim Trollfriend

The Deadly theurgist said...

Hello friendly for the short time i have known and been able to say my feeling about wizard101, i always looked at your 24 7. I understand you need a break but look forward to your " whenever i have the time" posts. Thank you for your almost daily posts.

A big fan from the beggining,
Sean Nightfist

Seth Hunter said...

Yo friendly!

I truly think that you will be missed because you have the most influent and funnest person to follow on the biz of wiz101
we have all respected you and all your posts and your dedication thank you for everything!

Go Friendly necromancer!!!

Anonymous said...

Since first " discovering " your blog , it has become a staple in my daily routine . Your insight , knowledge and humor of this great game make this sudden news quite a shock. I believe it goes without saying you will be missed a great deal. Whenever you decide to write again , I will be among the many , many people that will follow your wit , wisdom and voice . Thank you Friendly , for all you have done and to your next endevor ...all the best.
~Marcus Deathwalker

Anonymous said...

what?!! noo!!! you cant stop blogging! you put all your hard work into this blog and you have the best one out there so far you cant just let that go! its only been two years and w101 still has a long way to go before its retired! and what about wintertusk?? i cant play on my the new world without my fav blogger giving us hints, making us laugh, and just giving us something exciting to do daily! please please please dont stop blogging
from one of your biggest biggest fans

Arlen Dawneyes said...

Remember he's not leaving the game, folks :). And you can always check his blogroll for the news, etc! But its not the same, as the grandfather of W101 blogging, is, well, is awesome. Good luck searching for material (maybe do that Fan-Fic??)! And your presence will truly & temporarily be missed, a lot. ~ Arlen

Anonymous said...

Friendly, all will miss you. Goodbye and good luck!

-Luke Shadowblade

Diary of a Necromancer said...

Wh-W-WHAT!?!!!!!??? NOOoooOOOoO!! This is my birthday, and I don't like this present :-( I've been reading your blog for 2 yrs 7 months and wh-why now!?!? WHY!?!!!? -sigh- I guess you deserve a break, buy why on my birthday? It just seems... >:-| And when I read the post title, I thought it would talk bout a WinterTusk update - but... I've spent too much complaining. You deserve a break greatly. I understand with a blog of my own - Diary Of A Necromancer. Well'p, Friendly, cya in the Spiral ;-)

Joshua Judy said...

dude, i read this, and my first thought was, this is not happening, im just tired. NO! I thought you were being stupid. But, you deserve a break. Just promise you won't quit the friendly necromancer its like half of my life! Happy Dueling is so fun! Your a genius! So if this is a joke, and as much as you deserve a break, I hope it is, then april fools was a while ago. So, just, don't quit for good. PLEASE.

The Master Of Life said...

I understand you need a break dude. I'm basically the same as Kieran said, I barely have time to go on wizard101 and I don't post very often anymore. I'll miss seeing you in game even though we never did really see each other much, but oh well. Just remember that I will always remember you whenever I play, you are one of the reasons I started playing and the only reason I started blogging. I'll miss you dude, but good luck with whatever you will be doing in the future.
~Matthew LifeWraith~
Good Luck OFTS!!!
(Out of the Spiral)

The Master Of Life said...

Also, I agree with Talon Nightshade, can you host a meet and greet before you dedcide to leave the wizard101 community for a while? Then we can say like proper goodbyes and well, say Good Luck!
~Matthew LifeWraith~
Good Luck OTS!!!
P.S. I might be taking the same road as you, I just don't have enough time these days to play wizard101.

Jessica said...

This isn't a goodbye forever, that I know. Please, enjoy your break. All bloggers get burned out after a while. You've been keeping at it better than any of us, I've been here long enough to know that that's why you are the 'grandfather' or as I'm going to call you, 'your highness'. You know that we bask in your glory, love you, and respect you, and that we'll support you for whatever you do.

Hey, even if you're on break, try to post once in a while. We'd like to know if you are alive, 'kay?

Best wishes to you and your family! Have fun in the Spiral!

*kneels down to your highness*

Dustin MoonCatcher said...


All I can say is that you, your blog, and this community that you gave so much to were there for me in a very hard time of my life. I owe you a righteous thanks for all you've done, and all your effort.

"A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." - George Edward Moore

My best to you, Tom.

Kyle FireGem said...

I literally just threw a tantrum in my house. I understand because you did over 1,000 Posts! I hope I'll see you in the Spiral man.

Kyle FireGem

Unknown said...

He was a great man, and will always be in our hearts, he had humor, and the ability to lead. Many wizards look up to him including me and... ...

(He isn't dead!? This isn't his funeral!?)

Ahem as I was saying he will be missed, bon boyage, asta la vista, take care, I'll work on that Pyromancer, and try to attend everything community, bye bye we'll miss you.

Mike said...

Love your work friendly. U deserve a nice vacation. Take your time with your post's no pressure :)

Anonymous said...

Times do change. You and your family will be very much missed! I will still check back for updates and read other blogs and mag. (Beckett's) so i am sure I will hear from you again. But know you will be very much missed!

CRAZYEPiC said...

thnx sooooo much for creating the best blog in the whole universe. everyone will miss you soo much.

Dustin liontail

Anonymous said...


I love your blog, and I'll be very sad now that you won't post as much.

But, you said you might still post, so I'm happier than before!

You gave me a new outlook on Wizard101. I always checked your blog before I checked anything else. You are one of the most beloved members of the game.

We'll all miss you, Thomas.

Happy dueling to you too!

James said...

ive been reading your blog sine day 2 (not day one day 2) and i just want to say thx for all the tips, articles, ect ect

Tara Darkgem said...

friendly noo! :( please dont go
please pretty please dont stop blogging. your posts are awesome! i cant even think about you quitting the friendly necromancer. dont stop its only been two short years please dont we will miss you

Anonymous said...

Friendly . I have never posted on this amazing blog but I have folowed it from the start. It saddens me that you are leaving but if there was only one thing I could say it would be that you deserve every second of it.

Well done Friendly Necromancer well done.

Jack Shadowshade

Mark Stormhunter said...

I'll miss you Friendly, wish I could have known you better

Anonymous said...

well friendly its been a great 10 monthes with u i love your work and i hope you come back.

see ya in the sprial

Paige Pixiehunter said...

o: friendly! well, everything changes sometime xD enjoy what you'll be doing in the future, and i hope to be back reading you in a little while (:

Paige Pixiehunter

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

no please dont go! you dont have to post every day at least once a week. dont stop friendly necromancer forever! this is the best blog about w101 i have ever seen! times are changing yeah and so is w101 but you shouldnt just quit! winners never quit! quitters never win! keep posting! ill check back every day to see if you are gonna post

Anonymous said...

~Jason Storm

Its been a good run Friendly. Thanks for everything, did you know you were my inspiration to create Wizard101 Press, and a death wizard! You will always be remembered as "The Wizard101 Blog Leader" I mean 1,264,562 Views is ridiculous! Also Wizard101 is a repeating game until new worlds, so a break is understandable, and I guess has to.

Hunter Wildthorn said...

Bye Friendly. I've read your blog since day one. I'll miss you.

Happy Dueling to the Friendly Necromancer. I'll remember you always.

Unknown said...


*feels too sad to leave name*

Paul LegendWeaver said...

this is how it begins, then you quit.
Trust me, i know. i left w101 for WoW a yearn ago, i cant even believe that i still remember my characters name.

PyromancerJonathan said...

Does this mean your quitting blogging for wizard101?

Anonymous said...

Good work Friendly your blog was a huge hit i loved your blog and i hope you come back one day. you helped me so much i started reading your blog at lv 20 and it helped me a lot.

- Devin Mythbreath
Legendery pyromonacer

Anonymous said...

Frendly .... y dont go even though i never taked to u but i still loved your post and every thing 1 chane cant really change u plz stop.

Captain Jack said...

I have to say, despite the fact that you deserve a well earned break, you have become an icon in the world of Wizard101. If you leave forever, Friendly, the game will never be the same. I urge you not to completely stop the Friendly Necromancer... we depend on you and admire you. Without you, Wizard101 may lose its luster. Please assure us that you will not completely stop your amazing blog and that, after your break, you will continue to captivate us with your creative and informative blog.

Jack Dunestrider/Raven/Icebringer

shiarie said...

Well, I will miss you like everyone else. BUT, you didn't say you were gone forever. It will be interesting on what you come up with. HAPPY EASTER FRIENDLY!!!

Connor Sparklecaster said...

I understand the hard work. Tell Bailey she's my best friend :D

Anonymous said...

WHY!? WHY U CANT BE OVER!!! but can ya take a break THEn blog again??

Morgan BearGiver

Cassandra IceMancer said...

You've earned this break. You've been blogging for a long time ;) Thank you. I am glad that you aren't quitting the game, though. Enjoy your break :)


Jeffrey Shadowglade/Joltin on Lotro said...

Cya. And if you were playing DDO or LOTRO, I'd pick lotro. it has insane graphics, mature players, and its extremely fun. it takes awhile to get from W101 to LOTRO but u wll get used to it eventually. (psttt, there are healers, tanks, DPS ) (healers heal groups:tanks have high health and protect people, and DPS is damage per second which is the damage dealers. like life, ice, and storm/fire.

Elijah Light Thief said...

Good bye friendly and no i will not quit blogging

Elijah light thief
See you in the spiral

Chirs Stormshard said...

O: well all i have to say is it has been a great pleasure reading your blog for about 1 1/2. We understand you need a break from blogging. Cya around buddy!

Good luck Friendly,

~Chris StormShard

Kenneth Jadehaven said...

sigh X cries until theres nothing left X we will miss ya i remember the day a friend first told me about you and i started checking up on your daily ever since i will miss you so very much and i think its really sad you saying goodbye what with Wintertusk on the test realm and all.

Kenneth Jadehaven


I know I have posted two times already, but if you need some new inspiration, there is some. WINTERTUSK CAME OUT ON TEST!!!! Please come back. Please think about it at least ?


Thunderbird said...

Everyone burns out on a game eventually, i personally went to minecraft.