Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playing Good Necro/Bad Necro with Autumn


It appears our Autumn Duskhunter would like to play good cop, bad cop with the Friendly Necromancer, as evidenced by this post.

. . .

I can play that!

For the good necro will contact Kingsisle directly and ask them why there was a rollback on our characters. SO, Here’s your answer from Professor Greyrose:

“We needed to see the advanced pets system run through the test again with a clean slate of players and pets. Some of the pets that people leveled up were not manifesting properly and we’ve investigated and tweaked a few things, and we need to see how those same players and pets manifest after our changes. We will continue to make adjustments on the Test Realm based on our observations and player feedback.”

So it had to do with the manifestation of pet powers upon leveling. To me it sounds like they are working with a specific set of testers and are requesting that their testers level their pets again to see if it’s different this time around, which it should be. You could never ask people to do that again in a live realm, thus, it makes perfect sense to roll back the test realm.

As for Autumn's other concerns about people buying houses, begging for crowns, and questing on the test realm, perhaps we do need to look at those from another angle.

The Test Realm is a great way to practice and gather knowledge in advance to the patch being released to the real realm. When the housing patch came out, people practiced on the test realm how they were going to make their houses in the real realm. In truth, many of these kids will never have the crowns to buy one of the elite houses, so for them, it's play time, and if they ever do get the crowns, they'll be prepared for what they want to do. I'm a fan of the "try before you buy" mentality.

If someone is begging for crowns, then really they just don't understand how the test realm works and probably need some education. If anything I'd be begging for my friends to gift me gold with their crowns so I could try out more combinations with breeding pets, and i'd only do that after burning through 250,000 crowns while exchanging that for gold. In the end, that would be a lot of testing for Kingsisle, and hopefully this person is sharing what they learn along the way. If you're not going to do it yourself, maybe someone else will be. Any testers need gold gifting on the test realm? Why don't we hear that more often?

Questing in the test realm is a little weird, but at the same time it's still helpful to the community. Without people messing around with bosses and questing, would we know all of these fine pets that have been hidden around the spiral? The fact that those new pets have been placed into loot tables around the spiral is one of the coolest updates yet for this expansion. This information really gives us a good head start. This also leads to things like discovering that some of the level 48 spells now have a faster or different casting animation. So quest away my friends! You'll be helping the community by telling us what you discover from your adventures!

/eyes Autumn.

How’d I do? LOL!

Happy Dueling!


Fatal Exception said...

Curses, Friendly! You've foiled me, yet again!

I'll get you next time, Gadget, next tiiimmee! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

(as always, you've proven why you're #1! You just keep being you!)

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Think about it, though. If Autumn hadn't posted that bad stuff, then would this good post even exist?

It's the ciiircle of life....

The Ravenhunter said...

Ya, I've been PvPing and trying to get to that Storm Elf, and I've been trying to get to Nightwing, so I can farm him for his Icebird pet. Anyways, got to go to school right now! Later!

Alex Deathshade said...

already added the animations for spells. my computer was fixed and i redownloaded w101 and when i cast wraith it said WRAITH! at the top.

Sierra Starsong said...

@Alex - That's a placeholder, the spell graphics just hadn't re-downloaded yet. (When you reinstall the game it has to download everything all over again, and to save time it doesn't try getting graphics and such until the first time you need them.)

@Friendly - I managed to get onto test realm briefly from another computer and used it to "test drive" mounts for my Fire wizard. I was leaning toward the Purple Glider broom but it's more pinkish with blue trim (like the dragoness colors). The tiger clashed too much with her robes (red/yellow) so I finally settled on the red dragon for her. The dragon wasn't my first choice but once I saw her on all three it felt right.

The Sensitive Sorcerer said...

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