Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chief Hangswithnoobs

First things first. Here's the new video for Wizard 101 that will be hitting kids saturday morning TV everywhere:

What's the Frost Giant in that clip? Is that new? Why have I never seen that before?

Anyway . . .

I think I should have bought an indian headdress for Thomas Lionblood. I'm really regretting it actually because I have a perfect "indian name" for my character these days. Not "DancesWithWolves," or even "DealerOfDeathCards," no friends, "HangsWithNoobs" Although I'm 100% sure the chat filter would block that.

So, why am I, Chief HangsWithNoobs, called that? Well, after beating the Moo Shu area, all that seems to be left for him to do is to goof off, and that's exactly what I've been doing with the ultimate power that is a level 45ish necromancer.

One night I decided to just kill Blackhope over and over and over for kicks. Besides discovering that Blackhope really doesn't drop much of interest at all (I was confused and thought she dropped a dark fairy pet, but I should have just looked here . . . I guess you can call me Chief Isanoob), I also discovered a couple new friends. I did the normal routine where I cast empower and then lay down either a humongofrog, an ice storm, a minotaur, or whatever pops up. This led to many oohs and awws. I also coined my new catchphrase, "This is what we call overkill." I use it often now.

I'm finding myself answering a lot of questions like,

Q: "What is an oni slayer?"
A: The title you get when you beat the onis in moo shu

Q: "What is the order of the fang?"
A: A series of banshee bosses in krokotopia (. . . I didn't get into the lore aspect of it too much *note* see Brenda's comment below for a more accurate response if you're really interested *note*)

I've managed so far to be able to answer most questions generically.

Q: "What do you do after you beat the mill?"
A: It took a second for me to realize what this fella was asking me, which was what to do after he had beaten the free game (subscribe to the real game and GRATZ!).

Oh, this was a good one!

Q: "What is a mastermind?"
A: The title you get when you beat the final bosses in marleybone.

So I start thinking that, wow, most of those questions I've already answered in my blog over here in one form or another. I'm sure there are at least two or three wikis out there for this game by now (One I already linked to up above, you might have missed it . . . scroll back up).


Seriously though, what is the order of the fang?

I've been busy helping my daughter and son run their characters through krokotopia. Here they are jammin' with General Khaba and de-sheeting the spooky ghost boss Soul Scavenger in the Hall of Champions.

seriously though, what *is* the order of the fang? I should get deeper there. And what's this golden fang all about? Is that like a pimp grill for banshees or krokotillians or something?

I need to read those quest texts more carefully.

p.s. I'm so jealous of my son's character, who got the dark fairy pet to drop from Lord Nightshade

Q: "Who drops the Dark Fairy pet?"
A: Lord Nightshade in the tower of the Haunted Cave . . . but only if you're not Chief Isanoob.

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

Love the commercial :)

The Order of the Fang is and ancient (and mostly deceased) group of Krokotillians who have sworn to guard the Krokonomicon and keep Krokotopia free from tyranny. They have banded together once more (and recruited you, as well) in order to free Krokotopia from the grips of the evil Krokopatra.

So, yay for defeating Krokopatra. Kinda too bad that clockwork came and stole the Krokonomicon and brought it to Marleybone, but hey, stuff happens, welcome to the Order :)

Stingite said...


This is all sounding verrrrrry familiar now.


I can always count on you, Brenda!

Michael said...

Lord Nightshade for sure does drop the pet, seeing as I got one from him myself. But if you don't want to farm someone quite as hard as him, Bastilla Gravewynd in firecat ally drops it, and I think foulgaze does as well. Nice post.


Anonymous said...

There are two different versions of the Dark Fairy pet. Lord Nightshade's gives you a Dark Fairy card, the others drop an identical-looking but cardless version.

Anonymous said...

I got a rare ghoul from dueling the death oni in mooshu