Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Questions of Mythstone

Mythstone has MANY questions
Hey Friendly,
I have some questions for you. Hope you can handle it.
1. Why haven't I seen pets cast spells yet, during the test realm, my Prince Midnight (Fire salamander, now a teen) casted a pixie even though he was a baby, now I see no pets casting spells.
2. Why is one of the Obsidian chests in an Oakheart quest only place. It is no fair to people who didn't do the Oakheart quests (for the record, I had no idea what the heck 'oakheart quests' are)
3. The Miner Mole in Digging Doug (or whatever it is called) and that zoo game, is said to be a pet, but it has never been seen at all. Is it a clue to a new pet or an upcoming underground/or insect world?
4. There is a fun dungeon in each world, Wizard City=Sunken City, Krokotopia= Tomb of Beugiler (sorry for spelling), Marleybone= Keingston Park and Grizzlehiem=the two other dungeons near Hall of Valor. So, why isn't there one for MooShoo?!
5. Why is Cyrus Drake bald? Did he ever have hair on his head? I wonder, and kinda fear, what he would look like with hair?

Hilarious. Ok, let's see.

1. All healing spells were being cast by pets back in the test realm when they were first released. That was weird for most because the pet really wasn't the one casting the spell, so they took that away . . . temporarily . . . read on.

We also have some pets that manifest procs (or interrupts) as talents. Some of the percentages of chance to cast shields and blades and traps seem to be extremely low. (I would recommend that Kingsisle reevaluate the proc percentages on all those.) On the other hand, the Fog Unicorn is proc'ing her pixie spell all the time! WOOT! I love that little Fog Unicorn. Procs like this have been being cast "from the pet" this whole time, however, since the rates on procs are low we didn't see our pets casting as much as we'd like, right? RIGHT!

SOOOO, the most recent test realm has our pets casting again, only it's not the healing spells, they are now casting the card they come equipped with if you play that card, which makes much more sense. My wraith now casts his own card when I select it.


2. /shrug Because they want you to? You could always find one of your friends who has done the quests and use them to get to the chest.


3. I've never heard that. weird. I could see us going to an insect world for sure though! That would be kind of cool to have a mole guide us into the tunnels of a shadow weaver hive. Nice idea!


4. Good point. I don't know why MooShu doesn't have a cool side-quest dungeon. But what I do know is that the Tree of Life Instance in Moo Shu has a couple of hidden bosses that aren't part of the main instance. Perhaps they felt those bosses were compensation enough?

You know, now that I think about it, the Mossback/Oakheart quest takes you into that part of the Tree of Life instance and then also ends in a dojo where you can only access it if you have completed the quests . . . maybe the Mossback/Oakheart quests are MooShu's answer to the side-quest dungeon?

Dragonspyre lacks one of these side-quest dungeons too. Hmm. I think Dragonspyre lacking a side-quest dungeon is even weirder than Moo Shu lacking one. What's up with that? I wonder if Celestia will have one?


5. Malistaire got the good looks. Cyrus got the good soul.

(Picture graciously lifted from Wizard101 Central)

Actually, what I heard is that he heard that Miley Cyrus was going bald and since they are friends because of the name thing, that he'd just go with it too.

Comedy Theurgists had a joke competition and M.W.S. down in the comments had a good explanation: "Why is Cyrus Drake bald?! A orthrus blew off all his hair! No wonder it has gone in Wizard City history books!"

So readers . . . why do you think Cyrus Drake is bald?

Thanks for the questions, Mythstone!

Happy Dueling!


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

My storm salamander cast a stormblade in the first battle I ever had it equipped. Since then, I haven't played my character who owns it much, but I think there's potential for a really useful pet.

Anonymous said...

He tried to copy Numbuh One. :P

Unknown said...

Dragonspyre does not have a side dungeon, but it does have a secret tower:

the Fearless Fire Wizard said...

lol poor cyrus (he probably wanted the looks) xD

M.W.S said...

That was hiliarious. Nice questions/ideas Mythstone. ;D

Suri Moongem said...

Ya know I don't think Cyrus has a great soul I mean he sends you to pick up his laundry and after that tries to expell you

Anonymous said...

The stress of having so many incompetent students must have got to him :D

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how all the side quest dungeons are harder than the world itself, a Dragonspyre side quest dungeon hasn't, until now, made sense, because it would be uber hard. With the upcoming release of Celestia, however, maybe they will eventually add one.