Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Spell Ideas for Sun and Moon Magic

I re-listened to the now infamous Ravenwood Radio 19 broadcast, and I was trying to get clues about the new secondary schools of magic that are going to come out . . . specifically Sun and Moon. I liked what was said about these systems of magic being completely new and affecting combat in new ways. So it got me to thinking what types of spells we haven't seen in Wizard101 at this point.

For the sake of idea farming and discussion spawning . . . let me see if I can borrow some of my MMO knowledge and fill in the gaps here for Wizard101. Here's a set of "ideas" of spells that maybe could manifest.

(Let me apologize for the lack of pictures in advance. INCOMING WALL OF TEXT!)


Damage Shield ~ Looking at the objects that spin around us, we have seen blades, traps, shields, DoTs, HoTs, stun shields, Accuracy Debuffs (like smoke screen), Damage Debuffs (like weakness), and healing debuffs (like infection). Right? I don't think I've missed any there. I don't think we've seen "Damage shields."

A damage shield isn't something that "shields" "damage," it's something that does damage when you are attacked. So to paint this with words, it would be the opposite of a trap. Instead of a shield with spikes pointing inward, it would be a shield with spikes pointing outward. you with me?

So, let's say I cast a 50% damage shield on myself with sun magic. This means if I'm attacked with any spell, 50% of the damage done to me is dealt back to the person delivering the hit.

You could even take the Damage shield idea and add something as cool as a series of swords floating around you that if attacked would reach out and deal a static amount of damage. for Instance, I cast "sun sword" on me and I am protected by three swords that float around me. If I am attacked, one of the swords will fly out and attack the attacker for 200 points of damage. However, if three rounds expire, all remaining swords fly out for 100 points of damage each.


Healing Shield ~ this would be opposite of a damage shield. Whenever a player is hit, they're also healed. So, in essence, you could be dropped to 0 health, and then a healing shield would heal you 200 points, allowing you another round or two of combat.


Invisibility ~ KI keeps bringing up that percentages to hit are capped. A spell to bring those down beyond something like choke could be applied. What if moon magic could cast a "dark side of the moon" spell on you, doesn't affect a players chance to hit, but instead a player's chance to miss! It's like a spell that isn't cast on an opponent like choke, but a spell that's cast on you to make you more difficult to hit.


Float/Levitate ~ This is building on the chance to miss idea. If a player is floating and invisible, then the chance to miss would be even greater.


Blind ~ This would be a spell to once again affect chance to hit.


Haste ~ This type of spell would add a chance to interrupt combat. At the start of a round, a player would choose two cards to play instead of one: a primary and a secondary card. If Haste is successful, then the player casts both cards. If not, they only cast one card. The effect could last anywhere from 1 to 3 rounds perhaps.


Morph ~ During combat, if someone casts Morph, they turn into a sun or moon creature who has their own unique set of cards already assigned to them. The deck wouldn't be controlled by you, but you would be like playing cards from an elite enemy monster.


Wipeout ~ this would be a "do or die" type of spell. A "rage" type of spell. A character would be granted a bonus to damage and accuracy for a number of rounds, but after a set number of rounds the rage expires and a severe weakness penalty comes over the player instead.


Enchant party ~ This spell would raise the innate level of the party by a certain number. As we all know, when we level up, we get more hitpoints, more mana, more stat increases. Obviously the effect wouldn't be permanent and it wouldn't do things like grant you cards from your next level, but it would be a kind of a temporary power boost to party members.


Timing Spells ~ This kind of spell would add a ticker to the playfield. If you could last the amount of rounds on the ticker and deliver a spell when the ticker was done, your spell does more damage and has more accuracy to hit. It's a timer basically. When the timer is done, you attack for a huge boost.


Teacher ~ This would be a spell that "teaches" those around you your spell class. Let me give you an example, say my primary is Death and your secondary class is death. If I cast the teacher spell, then you get to cast your death spells as a primary class, taking full advantage of power pips.


Switch resist ~ When a "switch resist" spell is cast, it moves your greatest resist percentage from it's current state to that corresponding the caster. For example, if I cast a switch resist spell and we're facing Malistaire, then everybody in the party gets to take advantage of death resists because I've changed whatever their primary resist percentage from 35%-whatever-their-class-is to 35%-whatever-my-class-is.


It'll be interesting to see what really happens.

I'm just trying to spawn some discussion. :-)

What do you think, readers?

Happy Dueling!


CJ said...

I like some of your ideas! It gives wizards a chance to fight fire with fire in the warehouse.

(By that I mean, cheating with cheating.) xD

Blaze Shadowblade said...

I have been considering exactly what I have read from this post, 'What kind of spells will we see in Celestia?' and I have come up with some of my own as well. I have thought of the ability to copy your opponent's anatomy and create a minion that is identical to that monster. I have also come up with the concept of stealing pips from your opponents. On top of this I have also considered the ability to use poxes like in DS. I would venture a guess that The Sun and The Moon are the most powerful spells in those two schools of magic. The third school mentioned already would be The Star school which seems to be a possible combination of the two afformentioned schools similar to the way that Myth is a combination of Ice and Fire. So we can definitely expect interesting things from that school as well. The final thing that I want to mention is that you forgot to mention Disspells as a debuff when you listed types of spells that we have already seen.

Paul Legend Weaver said...

I really like the teacher spell, I mean who wouldn't you get to use your secondary school as your primary school too.

Through the Spiral Gate said...

I love it! We should totally be allowed to interrupt them right back >:)

Anonymous said...

Sweet!!! The morph spell sounds awesome!!!

-Wolf Battleshield

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Another eye and mind-opening post, Sir Lionblood! All of those effects remind me of my competitive days where reaction time and thinking on the spot were the basis of the game. These look like an advanced twist on Wizard101 without communication being a barrier. Thanks for the insight and share!

Alric Ravensinger said...

I like that you brought up this again me being a Pokenerd the damage shield reminds me of something implemented into the Pokemon games in the 4th generation (Sinnoh Pokemon)which are berries that when equipped give certain effects for example the Jaboca berry does recoil damage to the foe if it hits the pokemon holding the berry with a physical move. this can be implemented into W101 as a shield another one of the effects of a berry is when a Pokemon's HP drop to a certain point an effect activates this ranges to various effects depending on the berry held from allowing the Pokemon to go first to uping the attack power of certain moves imagine that in W101 sounds interesting right?

Blaze Deathcaster said...

Since Damage Shield is a little confusing, maybe we should call it the "I'm rubber, you're glue..." spell. :-D

Chater said...

I like these ideas,but I think Kingsisle has to also think about how it will affect PvP.

Lail Deathspear said...

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Lail Deathspear said...

Wait no actually it was the West Counterweight, not East... Sorry about that

Pokemon WaterBlue said...

Awesome ideas, would love to see spells like this in the game.

Fist of Fire said...

I also think lengthening or shortening DoT and HoT spells would be cool. Like if you cast a 10 pip heckound, and instead of it dieing after three turns, cast a spell to make it go another 1-3 turns.

I think we might see cheat shields. Like for 3 pips you have a 50% chance of blocking a cheat.

Maybe some new global spells too. The possibilities are endless, and we won't see how it turns out until later this summer/fall.

Mike said...

Awesome! i love em'! I like the sword spell thing the most. That would be a fun sight watching three swords flying at the opponent. :)

A. said...

Wow, Friendly. This is amazing! It's really making me look forward to the astral schools.

Anonymous said...

My suggestions:

A timer shield. It costs say 3 pips to shield from all damage for one turn. The shield wears off after however many turns you cast it for. It can also be used for stuns or DoTs.

Certain school supressing spells. Like a spell that limits the rank of spells that can be cast for certain schools. These would be global spells just to be fair.

Spells that gained more power and accuracy depending on how much health or mana you have left. This one is pretty self-explanitory.

Spells that reduce an opponent's damage/accuracy. These would be like debuffs, only permenant, then there would be spells that counter these.

Spells that cost a percentage of your health as well as pips. If you don't have enough health, you can't cast them.

A restrict attack type spell. Like your opponents can only attack whoever you cast the spell on.

Paige MoonShade said...

Always love these posts

Anonymous said...

Man, I STILL haven't listened to Ravenwood Radio 19(or 20,for that matter,lol) and I am feeling like such a heel! :)

SorionHex said...

I think you got some of your wording wrong xD When I read damage shield I was thinking to myself, Er... Friendly those are normal shields >_> But from what you explained, I think you'd be better in calling it a Mirror Shield, or Reflect. =]

Cassandra Waterdust. said...

I submitted a few ideas to them when the pre-quest came out. Here are the ones I remember:

Black whole (since it does have to do with space): Like it sucks up people, stretches them a ton, & spits them out with half there health.

Solar eclipse: It is a spell from the moon school and it boost on sun. Covers the sun, causes it to be dark, & somehow hurts enemies like 200-300 points taken away.

Lunar Eclipse: Idk how it attacks.

That's all I remember really.

Cassandra Waterdust. said...

I submitted a few ideas to them when the pre-quest came out. Here are the ones I remember:

Black whole (since it does have to do with space): Like it sucks up people, stretches them a ton, & spits them out with half there health.

Solar eclipse: It is a spell from the moon school and it boost on sun. Covers the sun, causes it to be dark, & somehow hurts enemies like 200-300 points taken away.

Lunar Eclipse: Idk how it attacks.

That's all I remember really.

Anonymous said...

How about 'Random'? Cast upon a bad guy, will cause him/her to cast something else in their deck than what they want to cast. Can be useful if they have 5 or more pips and are going to smash you with something huge, they may end up with a wand hit. Its a gamble, but it may pay off.

Rogan Firehammer

Seth Darksword said...

Well, some of your ideas are terrific but some... well it would be affecting pvp a lot, what I mean is people usually like to go through the ranks and gear up fast, some of your ideas means longer battles and more time wasted. Maybe your on a time schedule like: you are aloud to be on for 3:00 to 4:00, one hour: if you don't have fast battles it will take forever to finish ranking and gearing up.

Unknown said...

I have a spell idea. Concentrate- It takes Group Damage spells (Meteor Strike, Humongofrog, and others.) Then it concentrates all of the damage onto one enemy.

Lail Deathspear said...

I have a question, is it false reporting when you report someone for being mean? I was fighting Viktor Snowcrusher and this dude started yelling and being mean and telling his friends to report me for going to fight! So I ended up reporting him and I wasn't sure whether it was false reporting or not. Even though he was probably cussing at me, but I don't know because I don't have open chat.

Anonymous said...

i like the ideas but i'm sort of confused of the teacher spell what if they have more than 1 second school? the teacher spell should be like a 5 pip card and power pips count for any school