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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ravenwood Radio Theme Song


It's DJ Friendly here, and I've been asked to supply the .mp3 files for the Ravenwood Radio song. So, I went ahead and loaded those up to my Google Docs site.
Click here for the post-production theme song

Click here for the pre-production (no words) extended song

(Bet you didn't know there was a pre-production (no words) extended song, did ya? Well, it's just the keyboard track. :-))

Thanks for your interest!


Happy Dueling


M.W.S said...

Wow, awesome.

thomas deathgem said...

hmm who asked about that? a certain persong on twitter with the username tdeathgem? i wonder...

HERO said...

you are the man .. I spent 2 hours looking