Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Which gives more experience? Sunken City or Colossus Boulevard? (Guest Blogger Response)

Anna Lifeblossom has a question:
hey friendly i was wondering what gives you more xp sunken city or colossus thanks in advance

I turned this question over to Brian Titansword to answer, and this is what he had to say:

Well Anna, both places are side quests in Wizard City, and the Wiki will give all the info needed, so I'll post it right here.

The opening quest is Finding a Way. That quest will give 75 Xp when done.

The next quest is Open Sez Me. You get 115 xp from it, plus the xp you earn in battle, but we are going with the quest xp here.

Project Mayhem is next on the main storyline. It gives 97 xp and plus the xp from battling Paulson.

Under lock and Key is next. It gives 125 xp, plus the xp from all the battling in Norton's Tower.

Fight Grubb quest please. 125 xp from it, plus the xp from Grubb and the minion.

After all that questing in Sunken City, you get a nice and big 30 xp, and for finishing up the quest Delivering the Proof you get another 230 xp please.

Add up the totals:
672 total xp

Not really worth it in my opinion.

Now for Colossus Boulevard:

Pixiecrown Project 35 xp
Invasion 185 xp
Strange Brew 80 xp
Doctors Orders 220 xp
Let's Make a deal 275 xp
A Foul Decree 255 xp
Seal the Deal 355 xp
New Neighbors? 355 xp

Side quests:
Longspear is late 40xp
Stop, Thief 80 xp
Cleaning Up 220 xp
A helping hand 275 xp

Now to total the main quest xp:


Only the main storyline and you have double the xp of Sunken City!

Now total the exp from side quests:

again, SHMOWZOW! That's almost as much as Sunken City!

Now to add it together:

Holy Sock Puppet in a Sausage Factory! 2375 xp!

Sunken City= 672 Total xp
Colossus Boulevard= 2375 xp

Colossus Boulevard is definitely worth the purchase.


Thanks, Brian. The only thing you forgot there was that you get half experience of the quests within Sunken City when you run the instance again, which only amounts to another 206 experience or so. /shrug

To see the value of Sunken City though, you really need to look beyond just experience points IMHO. There's some cool pets and housing items in there that you just can't get anywhere else. Plus the difficulty is kind of fun! Where else in Wizard City are you going to find yourself forced to fight at least three bad guys at once? :-)

Colossus is fun too though. Good times, loot, and pets are to be had there as well. If it really just comes down to experience points for you, then perhaps Colossus really is the way to go. (Not to mention the cool spells you can get there, but those spells on Colossus are definitely worth the price of admission.)

Happy Dueling!

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M.C.O.X said...

Um,one correction collosus does give more but sunken gives more battling xp but not calculating that it still in total gives 1008 if you go in the second time