Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New class spells past 60? (Guest Blogger Response)

James Griffenflame has a question:
This is James Griffinflame, level 44 necromancer, thanks for answering my last question. But, I have a new one! OK, here it goes: With the new level cap becoming 60, will the regular schools( Myth, Death, Life, Balance, Storm, Fire, Ice) get new spells? A new special level 60 spell? Like will Ninja Pig become a card for level 60 Myth people? Well there is my question, hope you will be able to answer and post

I had turned this one over to Blaze before I went on vacation, so many of you may have already seen the answer. If not, click me!

That's some pretty good theorycrafting, Blaze!


I've seen some other predictions over at central. Here's another link. and another. I'm sure there are a few more there. :-)

My guesses? It'll all be humongofrog mutates . . .
Fire - Humongoburp - humongofrog that spits meteors instead of barf.

Ice - Humogobreath - humongofrog that chews a piece of gum and blows on everyone with his icey breath. Bonus points when barfing humongofrog is followed by this spell version.

Storm - Humongotears - It's like a tempest, only with more humongofrog!

Life - Humongoangel - humungofrog with angel wings that pretends it's a seraph and attacks everyone.

Myth - Mini-mungos - it's a swarm of tiny frogs that flood out and damage all opponents.

Death - Zombiemungo - zombiemungo wants brains.

Balance - Humungotango - Humongofrog does the tango and smashes into all opponents.

yeah . . .

yeah . . . I think it's a good thing Blaze handled this one. ;-)

Happy Dueling!


Blaze Silverfist said...

I love the Humungotango! (All of your ideas are hilarious, bud!) Again, thank you so much for letting me do that. I really appreciate the traffic that came with it too!


James Griffinflame said...

-James Griffinflame
P.S. I'm grand master now! And i met your wife today in front of the Pet Hatchery, Friendly