Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guide for Hybrids Mixing with Hybirds?

Question from Noah Dreamblood:
I read on the wizard101 forums that someone was asking about if you mix a hybird pet with another will you get a whole new one. It later said that a person made a guide about that on central or on your blog spot. Do you have one? Cause I know there is a guide on central but it just first gen hybirds.
Hmmm, mixing hybrids with hybrids. Wow, haven't heard of that one. Ok, this is what I do know:

- Hybrids from Level 48 pet combinations. (If you click my pets link above, you'll see I've also added these combinations in my list.)
- Hybrids from rare and exclusive pets. (also in my list)
- And if anything new shows up from combinations, it should be put here in this thread.
- If there is something, someone should let the peeps on this thread know about it as well. (these peeps too)

If anyone knows of any other threads or posts that show results from hybrids mixing with hybrids, I'd be more than happy to check it out! :-) (Maybe they were confused and weren't talking about hybrids mixing with hybrids, but instead just hybrids from rare pets? /shrug)

Thanks for the question, Noah.

Happy dueling!


Noah DreamBlood said...

yeah i was skeptacal about it too. but yeah they were wondering about hybirds out of hybirds

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Figuring out future generations with little what little sample size can be scary.

There just isn't a guarantee (recessive and dominant) what will make it to the white board. Gregor Mendel needed hundreds of plants before he could conclude that there were 3 different type of offspring (rr, Rr-hybrid, RR).

Hopefully they're mixing the same two parents (or same generations, preferably first) over and over for their research!