Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is the firewing fight a cheat fight? (Guest Blogger Response)

Question/Observation from Zachary Skywielder:
I was just in the grand arena fighting the wild firewing and it seemed to me that the fight was different than most, for example, I have around a 20% power pip chance, and I got 9 power pips out of 11 pips, which is certainly not 20%, also, I fizzled 4 vampires and 7 skeletal pirates in a row, with minimal accuracy increasing gear, before I finally got a vampire out and was promptly defeated. Was this just luck, is the fight supposed to be like this, or was this part of some other plan for the spiral?

Also, I just wanted to mention that the ice armor spell (125 absorb per pip, self only) does not defend against death drains, one more reason to have a couple in your deck.

Keeping with the guest blogger theme here, I asked Duncan Dragonblood of Necromancer Nation to take this one on since he volunteered his services for Question answering.

Here is Duncan's response:


Okay, so I was fighting the wild firewing in the grand arena (now by the way I have 42 percent power pip chance and I am level 38). So out of nine pips I only had two power pips and no fizzles so I guess it just wasn't your day. For proof this screen shot was one of the vampires I casted.


Thanks Duncan. Let me just add that it does sound like your luck was just dry that day unfortunately. It's kind of like my experiments with . . . even though I had a 1 out of a 100 chance to get my number, it took me 220 tries to finally get my number. That's just kind of how percentages work.

Thanks for the observation on the ice armor spell!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Hey friendly make up your mind the name is Duncan D. not Duncun D.

Stingite said...

LOL. ok. fixed.

A. said...

drains don't work on spirit armor too, since there not damage spells