Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pet Hatching--What's up with the pedigree numbers? (Guest Blogger Response)

Noah DreamBlood has a question/tip:
You can tell normally if its a hybrid or not depending on time it takes to hatch. School pets are 18 hrs i believe hybrids are 24 or so. ANd i mixed a colossus that had 54 with a stormzilla that was 53 and got another colossus that had 55, whats up with that? lol
I decided to forward this one on to Ms. Kandy over at Through the Spiral Gate, since she was one of the ones who offered to help me with a question or two.

Please go read her answer! She's got a couple of great links in there. And we made the college student study a bit on this one.

She also gets bonus points for the MCP picture.


Happy Dueling!

p.s. re: the 55 . . . tip, go add up the dots in your talents field of your pet info, it should equal your pedigree. Probably just means one parent passed on one more ultra rare talent instead of a rare talent . . . or even better, an additional epic talent instead of an ultra rare talent!


Through the Spiral Gate said...

All RIGHT! Extra points! lol

Any other questions you don't have time for, send 'em my way :D

Fist of Fire said...

Another little tip about hybrids: If you bred say, a helephant and a wraith, if you get a wraith back, it will be a necromantic egg(pyromantic for helephant). If it's a hybrid, it will be something like an onyx egg.

penny waterloo said...

Dear Necromancer,
You know me as Suri. We was friends. don't know how i lost you off my list.. anyhow got a question. . . . my friend has a satyr that rebirths. never seen this before.. i want to transfer this quality to my pixie. she is 60 (26)... can you give me any ideas?