Thursday, July 29, 2010

FW: Wizard101 - Latest Celestia Reveal Wallpaper!

WOOT! There it is! Wallpaper 9 just came through the wire from Kingsisle!

*insert western accent* Well that there new Marleybonian has got himself
some nice sized jowls he does!


I don't think I see anything else here besides that fellow. What about you

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

From the heavy build, he looks to be a direct descendant of St. Bernard.

Wolf Winterstaff said...

More support for my Steampunk Theory!

Unknown said...

Hiya there.

Blaze Stormthief here. After a long time of wanting to, i've made a blog. I've asked you a couple questions, you may remember my normal Blogger account, The Noob on the Tube (a blog about tv shows)

Here's the url

I'm just wondering if you can put me on the blog roll, thanks. Love the blog, it's in my favorites bar, and i check back every two hours for new posting.

Blaze Stormthief

SorionHex said...

Actually, I see another robot behind that big fellow.

Weltschmerz said...

Keep up the good work Friendly, great blog as always, recently started following you. Love the blog. :)