Monday, July 26, 2010

Princess Ben, FATEZILLA!

There's another hybrid pet in the Friendly Necromancer Family! It's Princess Ben the fatezilla!

So awesome looking. Uber Wife had Kyle's stormzilla combine with Destiny Mistshard's Hydra and bing bang boom, hybrid! (Both Kyle and Destiny got hybrids from what I understand . . . gratz, Destiny!)

Since Kyle doesn't really have a use for "yet another" hybrid, we put that in the bank.

And now it's property of one Rowan Ravenshard!

I can't wait to see Princess Ben in action! WOOT!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

You are correct Thomas,mom got Jasmin,The Leviathan!

Alric Ravensinger said...

WOOT! congratz to Kyle on the Fatezilla hmm wonder why its fate? anyway sweet deal! Did you see? I got myself a Hybrid as well while you were away on the " Worst Vacation Ever" I mixed with an Epic wraith got me a Reaver :) next time you vacation try Lake Havasu or Sedona heck try Tombstone I think you'd love the tours to the Good enough Mine.