Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FW: Update: RE: Failed to Load Instance Zone

Another news item!

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Housing Issue

It is once again safe to return to your Castles & Dorms in the Live Realm.
If you received the message "Failed to Load Instance Zone" please try to
access your home again.
Housing in the Test Realm is still under repair.


You know, I've been getting a lot of reports from readers that this repair
probably had something to do with a glitch where people were able to "steal"
items from other people's houses? That doesn't sound good. Good to see a
resolution on the live realm.

Anybody have a horror story from this experience? I'm all about hearing the
horror stories. *Puts on Jason Mask* *Grabs Krueger Claws*

Happy Dueling!


blaze duskblade said...

hey friendly remember back when you saw a low level wearing the hat of the endless at a low level procpector said it in a post in halstons laboratory heres the quote.
Prospector Zeke

10:48 am

Messages: 140

These are not hacked Wizards.

Sometimes a ring or a robe is labelled for all schools or all levels when it is released, then when we realize the mistake, we re-label the item for a specific school only or specific level.

Players that have that item equipped before we make the change, can leave the item on but once they take it off, if they no longer meet the requirements, they cannot put the item back on again..

SorionHex said...

Well nothing like that, but I found an awesome bug to have floating items in the new Grizzleheim house =) The new shelves they sell in the Grizzleheim house shop. Stack them one on top of the other. and then slowly remove the bottom ones. The top ones will remain in air. Perfect for any Death Houses out there if it works there too. =)

Diary of a Necromancer said...

people did steal my fatezilla :( i want revenge! i want to know how to steal things!
- Richard Shadowstaff

Anonymous said...

I've heard from a player in-game who had a Iathine Specter pet that I've been farming for (cough cough friendly cough raffle cough) that she got it using a glitch with her friend that had to do with her house.
Not sure if its exactly the same thing, but she said that if your friend goes to their house, and you're house, then if you teleport to your friend but quickly put down a pet while your invisible, then your friend will get the pet.
I don't know if it still works, but that's what I've heard.

-Jacob Soulshard

Anonymous said...

Yes, last night I was online for a couple of hours and had 6 requests from people begging me to swap pets. That became quite annoying very quickly. I hope it gets fixed soon, if it already hasn't been!

Rogan Firehammer

Anonymous said...

did you know that there is a new area in grizzle heim and there is a crafting station in it

Through the Spiral Gate said...

There's a lot of horror stories on Wizard101 Central about stuff being stolen from houses. I just hope everyone is able to get all their stuff back and that the dishonest people will have their accounts banned. I'm glad to hear it was only a very small percentage of victims though, that means KI caught it right away. Go team KI!

Anonymous said...

is it true that there is a scarecrow pet and it drops from silver chests