Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why won't my pet cast death ward?

Hunter Wildthorn has a question!
Hey friendly. Its Hunter Wildthorn, and I've got a question. Question: My Skeletal Warrior will NOT cast a spell even though he has the chance to cast a death ward. I use him in EVERY battle, including malistaire, yet not a single cast. Do I have to do something to trigger it? Or is my pet stubborn? Thx!

I've been hearing this (and preaching this) a lot lately, so I asked Professor Greyrose for you to see if she had any insight. Greyrose took your question to the designers, and this was the response she got . . .
We’re actually reviewing a lot of this stuff right now. :-)

So I guess we can take heart that the designers are looking at "a lot of this stuff," um "right now." And they're using a smiley, so um, we should be too?

I have a minotaur that should be interrupting combat a lot more and casting myth traps on baddies. My myth character would LOVE for this to be improved. Right?

At first I thought it was the Power statistic that influenced these types of things, but it doesn't seem to make any difference whatsoever at this point. It's just a random proc/interrupt and the chance must either be non-existent or incredibly low.

Thanks for the question!

Happy Dueling!


CJ said...

Friendly, I can answer any question you have. Throw me your hardest one

Peter Venuti said...

I have a minotaur as well who is supposed to be casting myth traps. HE never has yet. However, my Storm cat, Roscoe, casts a storm shield on me almost every time I get hit with a storm shield... My stormzilla also has cast storm trap, but I have yet to test out that talent.

Hunter Wildthorn said...

Thx for answering my question friendly. Knew I could rely on you :)

Fist of Fire said...

The only may cast talent that has been proven to work is spritely on fog unicorns. The rest of them haven't been seen yet.

I do hope they get fixed soon.