Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where do the Valkyrie and Beastmaster items drop? (Guest Blogger Response)

Question from Nicholas Battleshard:
Dear The Friendly Necromancer,

Your blog is awesome! I love Wizard101! I have 2 questions.

1. Who do I farm for the Valkyrie Set? The hat is Headdress of the Heavens, Robe: Robe of the Deep, Shoes: Sandles of the Snowdrift. I'm level 22 but I want to know for when I reach 45.

2. Who do I farm for the Beastmaster Set?

Please answer!

And since it's a Guest Blogger Bonanza here today, I asked Noah DreamBlood of Wizard101 Magic, Ice, and Everything Nice to do the honors and take on this question since he volunteered his services. Here is his response:


1. The Valkyrie Set you say?

Robe of the Deep would be Gurtok Piercer (Ice Helephant in Malistare's dungeon), and Sandals of the Snowdrift also seem to be from him too. I'm sorry but I don't think the Headdress of the Heavens has been found yet.

You can look at these two links for updates in this matter though:
Link one to Wizard101 Central
Link two to Wizard101 Central

2. Sorry Nicholas, I can't help with the Beastmaster part.

That set is very new so I don't think anybody knows if it's farmable or now. But I'm sure even if the set isn't farmable now, when Celestia comes out, it will be.

Good luck, and happy farming! ~Noah DreamBlood~


Thanks, Noah!

It really does seem like the best place to farm all the high level crown gear is from the Gurtoks, doesn't it? I know I've gotten a few nice pieces of random crown gear stuff there.

Happy Dueling!


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i will be a guest response person

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That's cool give me a question if you can (please) regarding Balance thank you.

Noah DreamBlood said...

Thanks again for letting me do a question friendly. I felt really special having a ton of people see my post :) I am extremely slowly getting somewhat famous hehe. I guess my address is so long is a tad long isn't it?

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I somehow got the beast-master boots in GH. Hope that helps!!