Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do bosses drop permanent mounts?

Bryan has a question:
hey FN, its me again
I was wondering:
Are there any boss that drop permanent mounts?
There's a lot of debate about this, and this was a really hot question back in February when the Wing Mounts came out. On 22 February I asked Professor Greyrose about Winged Mounts (and mounts dropping from bosses in general) and she pointed me to a thread on It basically said . . . we will let you know when the drop rate has been reset.

We've never heard back about that as far as I know. /shrug

Since that time KI put the temporary mounts in the game as drops. I don't know if anybody has farmed Nightshade lately, but the last time I did I had about four 1-day mount drops by the time I finally got my blue banshee pet.

So, I asked Professor Greyrose about this again for you. She basically said that the only mounts that were dropping in the game currently were the temporary ones.

Now, given that . . . I'm not sure. Maybe there is some slim chance somewhere out there in the spiral that there is a mount on a loot table somewhere that has some crazy .0001% chance of dropping, but if it's so slim as to make our Greyrose say don't farm 'em, they aren't dropping, don't, stop, wait, you shouldn't waste your time, etc. I'd listen to her.

The only reason I'll give you that .0001% chance is because the moment I hit publish, I'll be getting people saying "so and so got a wing mount from the jade oni a week ago!" And my response would probably be . . . are they lying?

It is strange though since we seem to be getting some conflicting information . . . Every crown item you can buy in the game (aside from henchmen and potions) should also be in the game as a drop or for gold. We know that because of answer number nine from week one of questions over at central, which states:

"Items and services that can be purchased with Crowns are purely a luxury, and are either offered also for Gold or drops on creatures. The only items that are restricted to only being available for Crowns are those that shortcut the game in some way, such as Potions and Henchmen."

Hmmm . . . What do I take away from all that?

1- Some drop rates on crown items have to be adjusted . . . stay tuned for more.
2- Temporary mounts are dropping from a few Wizard City bosses like Rattlebones and Nightshade (probably more across the spiral as well) at a pretty good rate. FARM THOSE INSTEAD! YAY!
3- I'd rather be lucky than good because with low drop rate percentages, you better be extremely lucky or have a load of time to kill, which I am not and don't. Please go volunteer some time at your local library before wasting it on finding a mount drop somewhere in game.

*2 cents.*

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

KI should think abt high ranked bosses dropping mounts. I:

Jessica said...

I don't know if it's a glitch or something but the other day, my level 2 wizard got a 1-day Enchanted Broomstick that dropped from a skeletal pirate.
And also, I'm just wondering: what happens when the 1-day timer is up? Because I still have that Broomstick and I've had it for two days now...

Fist of Fire said...

Even if they did have permanent mounts added, think about it. An item that's worth 50,000-90,000?

The only bosses I can think of that would drop that would be malistaire, orrick, and maybe a few cheating bosses in celestia.

Anonymous said...

Not to spread rumors but a friend claims one of his friends ( I know, not a good source ) got a permanent from Kraysys, so immediately another friend with me said he would devote all his time farming Kraysys now but I quickly persuaded him not too "If he does drop it, it's prolly like a .0001% chance. " But I hope they do make the higher bosses drop real mounts soon, with no rumors :)

Destiny StormStone said...

i've farmed nightshade a LOT for the blue banshee with my friends and we've gotten TONS of 1 day rental mounts:

Enchanted Broom Black Stallion
Horned Sweeper Serpah Wings
Purple Glider Swiftshadow Wings
Starlight Pony Bat Wings
Chesnut Pony
White Mare

CJ said...

I DID hear that Kraysys drops permanent wings. I:

Anonymous said...

I was battiling a boss in Fire cat alley that gave a mount that lasted one day. Also, you can farm any bosses in wizard101 for xp. I am giving a code. CELEBRATE gives hat. Mason frostone lvl 46 If you find me I will gift you a per mount. If you are my friend you know I will. :)

Anonymous said...

the boss "Kraken" dropps mounts not by rarity, but normally. I have been fighting him for the fun of it and i got two mounts in my 4 battles with him(4 people).