Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How do interruptions work?

Question from Thomas Goldshade:
"Hey friendly. This is Thomas Goldshade and I'm not sure if this is how to do this but might as well give a shot. I have a question about interruptions. I remember when they first told players about it but I took a break from playing for school so can you please recap about interruptions and how they work? Thanks!"

Hey! Cool question! We're seeing a lot of interruptions in combat lately. It kind of all started with when they put in the harder boss fights, and then they took them back out again. Then Kingsisle reintroduced interruptions to combat with the Briskbreeze bosses. Now, it appears we see interruptions again with the Marleybone warehouse/watchtower that a lot of people were moaning about last night in the test realm. (/giggle . . . just enjoy the new challenge, my friends!)

Basically, interruptions are either timed interruptions or random interruptions. KI can script interruptions to occur at certain points during a battle or can give the boss a chance to "proc," which causes an interruption to combat.

With the release of the Advanced Pets Expansion we have now seen our characters given the chance to "proc" or "interrupt" through skills manifested on our pets.

For instance, my daughter' Fog Unicorn will randomly proc/interrupt combat at any stage of a round and cast a little lesser sprite. The battle circle selector will spin to her position, the spell will cast from her unicorn, and then the battle circle selector will spin back to where it left off.

Now some of these chances to proc (or interrupt) seem to be lower than my daughter's spritely proc. As I theorized in that earlier post about "procs," perhaps someday we'll see more procs added to the game and more +%chance to proc added to future gear. /shrug I'm not sure.

Hope that helps you understand interruptions a little better!

Happy Dueling!

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Anonymous said...

No offense, Friendly, but it is easy for you to enjoy the new challenge because you are a hardcore gamer. Most players, by the end of the Warehouse, are thoroughly fed up with the two final bosses tricks. Granted, they are the same every time, and they can be figured out and gotten past, but I worry about the elementary-aged players who may not quite understand the strategies dealing with bosses that cheat. I, myself, was fine with most of what they did, but the chain Scarecrows after we had killed everyone but the Shadow Weaver were extremely irritating.