Monday, July 5, 2010

What's going on in Friendy's World?

It's time for a quick catch up on what The Friendly Necromancer and family have been up to in game.

The big news for us is that Myrna and Iridian finished Dragonspyre!

You'll notice in that picture that Myrna is showing her Master of Ice badge instead of her GM badge, that's because she wasn't a GM . . . kind of makes sense doesn't it? And, wait, Iridian *is* a GM?! What the heck? Now my wife is uber times two-ber! That's right, she's got herself a second GM. BOOM!

What, Friendly? What are you doing? Your wife has two GM's and you only have one? Well fear not! Shortly after beating Malistaire, I cleaned up a few sidequests, and now I have my second GM!!! (You know, aside from Kyle and Amber who I basically leveled . . . but my wife maintains that those are the kids' characters and therefore she had two GM's before me . . . lol. Kids, a short lesson in the politics of marriage, the woman is always right.)

You better believe I'm saving up some training points for Celestia . . .

Anyway, Uber Wife also has been working a bit on her crafting with Iridian and Bailey. She has her sights set on that new Grizzleheim crafted house. Watch out world!

And she's been spelunking through Grizzleheim as well! Iridian has finished Grizzleheim (shout out to Blaze Mistshard), and Bailey is right behind her.

I think I have a picture of Thomas by that cool Grizzleheim monument as well. Definitely a photo moment in Grizzleheim.

And that's really all we've been up to aside from hanging out in the test realm doing the new stuff.

I think I need to finish leveling my other Life Wizard, Molly, so I can say I have three GMs. She's kind of stalled at level 48 right now. HA! Then I could say, TAKE THAT UBER WIFE!

So what's up for the husband and wife team now that we've beat Dragonspyre a couple of times? We're going to level a couple of Myth wizards that we have tucked away: Isaiah Taleslinger and Rowan Ravenshard!

They're both in their low 20's and hanging out in the second area of Krokotopia at the moment.

Here we go again!

Happy Dueling!


The friendly diviner said...

my death wiz is in the krokoshpinx too
maybe we could level together
if yes pm me on central(zeppo) with detail

-the friendly diviner

CJ said...

You know, now that I made my first grand,I'm gonna start working on my secondary, and he's around the same area.Maybe we could work together. Just a thought. You don't have to.

Myrna Nightrider said...

o thats cool, i have a storm grand friend named charles something woh has a least one grand of every school :P
( and my name is Myrna too :P)

Myrna Nightrider said...

how come myrna has 8 training points and 80,000 gold????

Alyssa said...

Yes yes, the woman IS always right! XD

Anonymous said...

Np! Glad to finish Grizzlehiem myself!

M.W.S said...

That's awesome keep up the great work (and Bailey too)!

Anonymous said...

Hola Friendly!! I was wondering, where did your Uber Wife get the Grubb-looking pet pn Iridian? I'd love to know, and I don't think I saw it on the list... thanks anyway! :D

thomas deathgem said...

Question Why is the friendly necromancer domain and not just because is harder to type

DarkNecronus said...

LOL it says Grandma Sorcerer in the pic you of two in Malistaire's lair. xD

A. said...

gratz, friendly! still working on wiz numba 1, so, this "multiple GMs" is outa my league

potroast42 said...

@deathgem - if it's not .blogspot, then it's not free. With that little bit in there, then it's free to have the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey friendly! Man! What is Myrna wearing? If it's crown gear then I don't want to know anymore. And how did she make so much gold? I wish i could do that.Great blog! ... (Thomas Goldshade)

Stingite said...

@Myrna: at the end of leveling these two, we will as a family finally have a grand of each class. Myrna is saving up her money and points for celestia. :-)

@alyssa: it's true!

@Blaze: keep being awesome.

@mws: Thanks!

@anon: That is the zombie pet.

@darkN: LOL! I hadn't noticed that, but that is hilarious! Our kids are too young for her to be a grandma sorcerer! :-)

@thomas: I'm using blogspot. It's free. I'm cheap or I would go the .com route for y'all. Actually, I've debated it for a long time.

@A: haha! Maybe someday?

@anon: You don't want to know. She saved up on her rise to the top and only bought the cheap wizard city house.

blaze duskblade said...

what about flint stone

Connor Icecatcher said...

I'm so close to finally finishing GH. But am hoping that Celestia coems out soon since i'm due to finish anytime tonight....