Friday, July 30, 2010 for the win!

Heya all,

I have to share this site I stumbled across the other day! It’s! Ben works at Kingsisle and is responsible for a lot of the flash/HTML work done on their website.

So, you know those fun firecat and beetle animations that used to dance and play across the screen at That’s totally his awesome work, and he even talks about it on his site:
This is a remnant of a task that I was given when I first started at KingsIsle. They were for very long animations that would stretch across the entire page and would interact with the elements on the page. They were very difficult and I'm very proud to have come up with a working framework that met those requirements.

While you’re there be sure to check out his flash game, Sorceress.

This freaky man/snake mouth thing was harshing on me, but a couple sword swipes did the trick.

Fun! Ben, if you’re reading this, I had fun playing through your game! Nice work on the crazy creatures therein! You should get the sword sound effect from the Wizard101 sound guys and put that in your game for the sword swing! (although it would kind of interfere with the Castlevania-esque music ;-))

It looks like he's also added a new game called Blobaggedon! I got 130,000 something on it and then my blobs just couldn't keep up with the onslaught.

What do you guys think? I'm totally digging his site! There's lots of Wizard101 Information and a lot of excellent Ben Reeves art!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

The bloboggedon game is addictive!

Anonymous said...

Whoo! I played Bloboggedon and it was fun. I stopped once I reached 150,000 but it was hard ... (Thomas Goldshade)

Lenora NightWraith said...

I'll also second the major addiction to Blobageddon! I got to 93,000 before my clicker finger started screaming "NOOO MOOOOREEEE!!!" lol. I always enjoy looking at other peoples art and I'm going to school for web design so I sort of favored the website design section myself, but everything was really worth taking a gander at. I really hope I can get into a job like that someday. Pass that along to KI for me, would ya? ;D