Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is there going to be a new storyline?

Sean Fire has a comment/question:
so here was my thought ... as you know celestia has been talked about before in game, like in wiz city and i was thinking why did they mention celstia then it hit me NEW STORYLINE like the first 5 worlds were all about malistare now celestia and ( hopefuly) more on this mora... person so yea i might be right, yea more worlds , yea new story line , but boo that i have had this idea for i while and wont get full credit :( so do you think i am crazy or might be on to some thing

If you haven't listened to Ravenwood Radio 19, please go do yourself a favor and check it out. The interview with J. Todd Coleman and Josef Hall is amazing!

In that episode you'll find out about Morganthe the Spider Queen, who seems to be our new Malistaire. J. Todd Coleman uses the phrase, "new story arc" in the interview, which definitely indicates that we will be thinking about Morganthe for a long time to come.

In regards to the idea of getting "credit." Yeah, that won't ever happen unfortunately . . . even if you were the first to think of this idea, which you probably weren't. (Just being honest.) I've tried to go down that road before with trying to say "IT WAS MY IDEA!" And it's a road that leads to a town called disappointmentville because, well, nobody cares.

The important thing is that you enjoy it when it comes out. And hopefully KI will surprise you with how it all unfolds so that when it's all said and done you say to yourself, WOW, I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT!

There's nothing worse than figuring out a movie's ending after watching the first five minutes. I hate that. So enjoy the ride!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

We'll have to wait...

Peter Venuti said...

The person "Morg-" is Morganthe

Anonymous said...

i cant believe someone would think of getting full credit for something KI already thought of and planned out

Anonymous said...

Friendly, when you mentioned going around saying "IT WAS MY IDEA!" I was reminded of an episode of Seinfeld where he sees an umbrella salesman twirling an umbrella and tries to convince him that he started that. :)