Friday, July 9, 2010

Celestia Pre-quest Goes Live!

From the looks of the patcher this morning, the new prequest is live!

Here's a cut and paste of all the changes in this game update:
Begin your journey to Celestia
An urgent message has come from a faraway world!. For those of you who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre, visit me, Halston Balestrom, in Ravenwood. I urgently need your assistance!

These are the Preview Quests to Celestia. The world of Celestia will be available later this year.

Note: Due to community feedback, these preview quests will not be required to gain entry to the new world of Celestia when it is released.
Don't Fear the Reaper
Snorri Oysterbloom in Grizzleheim wants to speak with you, but only if you've completed the quest "I'm with the Band"!

If you like these quests, you may be interested in how they were developed and designed with Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult. You can read more at Massively.
Crafting Updates
Crafting comes to Grizzleheim
Torald Wayfinder finally has a new set of recipes, bringing new Grizzleheim items for you to craft. But the really big news is that he was able to find a recipe for a Grizzleheim House!

The crafted Grizzleheim house will be a definite challenge even for our Master Artisan Crafters. Please note this house can only be crafted once per character and if you already have the maximum number of houses (3) on that character, you will not be able to craft this house.
Housing Updates
We know you love your homes, but sometimes unwanted guests arrive, so we're giving our players more ways to control who is in their house.

There are now privacy options to only allow your Friends (but not their friends) to teleport to your home. Look for this in the Privacy Tab when you press ESC in the game.

The owner of a house can send guests away with the "Send Away" option. Just click on a Wizard in your Home and the Friends panel will appear, where you will see the option to "Send Away". The Wizard that was sent away will receive the message "The owner asked you to leave."
More excitement! With the supply routes to and from Grizzleheim populated with millions of Wizards, Grizzleheim housing is now available! Look for it in the Crowns Shop.
Pet Updates
Some updates to pets, big and small. We listened to our players and reassessed some of the features associated with the Pet Pavilion. Details below.

- The prices for Hatching pets have been adjusted.
- The process of pet Hatching now has a confirmation window to ensure both parties agree to the transaction.
- All new level 48 quest reward pets will receive the Power Pip talent.
- Life pets such as the EarthWalker will have life boosts, not Myth like some currently give.
- IceZilla is now only available through the hatching process.
Dragonspyre Updates
Changes are underway in Dragonspyre
Based on the feedback of many of our Wizards, we have taken a long look at Dragonspyre and made some minor adjustments that will ensure that the world is fun and challenging both for players who play in groups, and for those who play solo.

Living in a lava filled world has had an effect on the residents of Dragonspyre.
- the health of many creatures has decreased
- the experience rewards have been increased
- fewer creatures will need to be defeated to meet quest requirements
- fewer items will need to be collected to meet quest requirements
- several of the gauntlets have fewer rooms

We feel these changes bring Dragonspyre more in-line with the difficulty to reward balance of the other worlds of the Spiral.
Details, details, details...
Player vs Player

In the next few days we will be implementing a temporary solution to the problem of chain stunning in the Player vs Player Arena. When a player is stunned, four Stun Shields will appear instead of one. Please note this is only a temporary solution while we investigate other ways to resolve the issue of chain stunning in the Arena.
New Clothing
A new Beastmaster Clothing Set is available in the Crowns Shop! It will increase your maximum Pet Energy!
Residents of the Spiral
- Old Smokey has found a new place to hang out - look for him in the Ironworks
- Dusty Shadowcloud now offers more snacks for sale.
- A new Pet Shopkeeper has arrived in Marleybone!
- The Master of the Oasis badge will once again be rewarded for completing all the Krokotopia quests. Those who have previously completed all the quests will receive the badge right away.
- The Savior of the Spiral badge will no longer be rewarded for simply participating in the duel that defeats Malistaire. Players must have and complete the quest to receive the badge from now on.
- The Commander Canteloupe has been promoted to Captain Canteloupe!
- Pets are now able to 'love' more snacks from their school.
- The humble Tomato will remain in the veggie aisle.
- Third time's a charm. Feint will now correctly display the debuffs on the player and opponent, correctly reflecting what is displayed on the card.
- White squares should no longer appear around a spell when it is cast.
- Death Wizards will find their minions will cast more interesting spells.
- Earthquake will now remove prism spells and Spirit Armor created by Rebirth.
- Pets that come with a card will now appear to cast the spell when the Wizard chooses to cast that spell from their deck..
- The Gift Icon and notification will now only appear when a player logs in. If you change areas, the notification will disappear, and you must log out and back in to see the notification again.
- Cyrus has been using his red corrector pen to address minor spelling errors.

I can't wait to see how much a hybrid attempt is for Bailey and Thomas now! Woot! See you on the live realm!

And the big new of course is that, the pre-quest is not really a pre-quest . . . yeah, I'll have more to say about that later.

Happy Dueling!


Kevin BattleBlood said...

Thanks for collecting all the info and placing it here! Can't wait to enter

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

What do they mean the Death minion casts more "Interesting" spells.

M.W.S said...


@ The Overachieving Necromancer:

What do you think? LOL