Sunday, July 18, 2010

Translating Nidellvir Runes? (Guest Blogger Response)

Dylan Ravencloud asked me this question:
Hello Friendly,BalanceBoy101 here.I noticed how you translated the Celestian writing and was wondering if you could translate the ruibs in Nidellvir in Grizzleheim.If you can please PM me back.Thanks ~Dylan Ravencloud

I turned it over to Cody Shadowstrider and he answered it over on his blog.

LOL, Cody. *shakes head* It was a good effort. I give you an A for effort. Let's hear it for Cody!


Ok, here's what I could find out. These runes have been translated a couple times over at Central.

There's this thread from Samoorai. And there's this thread from Sillystud who gathered some of these from around the central messageboards.

Of those, my favorite is the tombstone from Samoorai:


I'm thinking that would be possibly Rhea Shelley, Artie Rogers, Jason Durall, James Nance from Kingsisle? Maybe that's a hidden shoutout to some instrumental people who helped design, produce, etc. for Grizzleheim? Or maybe they lost in a 4v4 match and thereby had to have their names immortalized as the losers of the match forever? Only Kingsisle knows.

Interesting. :-)

Happy Dueling!


CJ said...

YAY! I got an A! The reason I got that wrong is because I don't have a sub anymore, and couldn't go to Nilaveir... Anything NOT on gh I could answer better

potroast42 said...

haha i love that tombstone - guess the workers at KI like to have some fun with their codes.

The Local Wizard said...

Haha I always knew about those names on the runes, but never knew they were names of KI workers. That's funny!

Also, I'd be more than willing to help you out in answering questions (you'd better believe that I would research every thread on Central and Google until I find an answer).

You can find the contact me page on my blog and use that.

M.W.S said...

Wow, cool.

1Mudkip88 said...

Hey Friendly, aren't those four names the names of the manders in the Tom bof The Beguiler. They're slightly different but I think they're supposed to be close.


And I think they mention a Jason or something in the dungeon dialogue.

Hope you find this interesting.


btw I sent you an e-mail with the link to my guest answer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the translations. I read a book on Norse mythology and found out that the tree in the middle of the illustration on the floor is representive of Yggradasill (not sure of the spelling)- the tree at the top of the nine Norse worlds that supported life on the worlds.