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Deck tips for a level 29 Life Wizard? (Guest Blogger Response)

Question here from Ben
hi Ive had to change my secondary school SOO many times but i just keep dieing i am now a life and death wizard have anytips for my deck? (I am level 29)

I've handed this question over to Connor Mistblade from The Myth Wiz, who provides this answer for us all:


I am assuming you are in Marleybone right now which is a nice world, but it does have some tough battles. Now for your deck I think you should put a few Life Blades and Life Traps in which will give a nice boost to your damage. The Life trap is found at the secret trainer in Colossus Boulevard, Mildred Farseer. After reaching Mindy Pixiecrown, look to your left and you should see a little path leading down to a house Mildred is in the house.

Also save up two training points to get the spells Spirit Blade and Spirit Trap. These will provide an extra punch to seraph. These will also work on the death spells you have. If you have Feint, put that in too; Life is a school that can handle the extra 30% trap on yourself.

For attack spells Seraph is one of your best choices. Vampire and Skeletal Pirate would help you as well, but with Seraph you can use power pips, which gets a quicker kill. A seraph with a Life Blade and Spirit Blade on should kill most mobs in Marleybone, doing between 656-774 damage. If you get power pips, you can pull of the attack even quicker. You can do the same with Nature's Wrath, which packs a good punch with 470-588.

If you encounter bosses you have to solo, go to the Library and buy some toughs, which will add another boost to your attacks. When encountering bosses, use those traps to get the kill. It might not be big and flashy like storm, but it will still work.

Remember that you are Life and what Life is famous for, healing, use those healing spells. Pixie is great for quick heals because it comes at only 2 pips or 1 power pip. Satyr is great when your health is down. 860 is a really good amount, and if you have a good power pip percentage you should be able to cast it in two turns. Unicorn is a great attack for group heals so use that if you are playing in a group. Since you should have Regenerate use it, it gives a nice heal at 5 pips or 3 power pips. I don't suggest using this for mob battles as it does waste some good pips. Lastly don't forget to shield shield shield with Legend Shield and Absorb. If you need anymore help, click on this link. Thanks for your question!


Thanks Conner! Great tips there.

Deck building can be an art. You don't want too many cards in your deck for PvE or you could find yourself discarding all the time to find what you want, but you want enough cards in your deck to kill what you're facing and then a little extra just in case you mess up or someone joins your battle, etc.

Thanks for the question!

Happy Dueling!

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Tipa said...

Nature's Wrath is slightly more power-efficient than Seraph, so if you have a power pip and a regular pip ready, use Nature's Wrath instead. I relied upon my Sprite Guardian for self-healing; outside of the gauntlets and some boss fights, you shouldn't really need to heal yourself during a fight (but it's nice to have one in reserve just in case). You only need enough cards in your deck to get through the current fight. Have one deck for trash fights, another deck for fighting in a group, and another deck for boss fights.

Feint is DEFINITELY your friend, as are life traps, blades and prisms. I wouldn't worry too much about the 1 pip spirit blade; life trap + life blade + feint + seraph can kill almost anything in Marleybone.