Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where's the Recipe for Tempest?

Question here from Gabriel, who is a grandmaster of balance:
Hi Friendly,

I'm having a hard time finding the Recipe Vendor who sells the recipe to craft the Tempest card. Do you happen to know and are you willing to share? Thanks much,
You, sir, shall never find that recipe unless they release it into the game sometime down the road. it just doesn't exist.

One would say, visit Torrence where all the other storm card recipes are sold! One would be wrong.

No tempest, AND this creates a problem: how do I craft a windstorm card when a tempest card is required? Correct me if I'm wrong readers, but I do believe the only answer is to use tempest cards that are dropped in the game, which, according to wikia, can be found on the following bad guys:

Grumish Greataxe
Nirini Ancient Guard
Nirini House Guard
Nirini Quartermaster
Odji Sokkwi
Ice Weaver
Deep Woods Imp

Also, since these are rare, if you find one in the bazaar it will probably cost you around 1,500 gold.

This seems to be a problem, and KI should probably add a Tempest card recipe into the game, right? Or maybe let us use tough/accuracy enchanted cards for crafting recipes? Now that they've eliminated trading tough/accuracy enchanted cards, maybe they could consider that? (I don't think they will) Personally I'd like to see the treasure card requirement in crafting recipes go away completely. ;-)


Sorry, and I hope that answers your question.

Happy Dueling!


potroast42 said...

Just a warning to everyone who is going to farm for these treasure cards.

The user that farmed for these got the drop once from each boss that's listed after fighting each boss 50 times. From this information the drop rate is probably about 2%

CJ said...

Just go buy 'em at the bazaar

cactusflinthead said...

Since there are several snack recipes that require cards I have been buying them regularly. I can buy a firecat card for less than I can make one. Trolls are a little more expensive since there are a lot of people cranking out Ambros cereal but there are others that work well and are not nearly as expensive.
I can understand their reasoning behind not allowing crafting of Tempest or Lord. It would be right back to being a non-enchanted card and welcoming back the Wild Bolt to PvP. That same reasoning that said that there should be certain cards that are just for that school would apply to things like Tempest as well.

Calamity said...

Wait, they're that rare? I kept getting them from the Sunbird boss in Krokosphinx, like they dropped after almost every fight. Since I didn't need them, I sold five of them at the Bazaar!


potroast42 said...

@Calamity - yes they're that rare. Unless the person who was getting the percentages for us was extremely unlucky. He fought the Wild Sunbird in the Grand Arena 50 times and didn't get the drop once.

Destiny DreamEyes said...

Hey Friendly, I'd email this to you but I lost the password....

Anyway, I had a question about Reshuffle. Say I had 2 Reshuffle cards in my deck. Assuming I don't toss any out, wouldn't I never run out of cards?

Let me clarify: I use X amount of cards, and then a Reshuffle. The cards go back in and the Rushuffle into the discard. Then I use X amount of cards and then another Reshuffle. The cards go in and the Reshuffle goes out. But wouldn't that mean the first Reshuffle goes back in? And then the whole process could be repeated over and over again.

Now by theory, its possible but is there some kind of mechanism in the game that prevents the Reshuffle process from being repeated over and over again? I wish I could test it out but I didn't train Reshuffle. Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

Well, thanks in advance.

potroast42 said...

@Destiny - With 2 reshuffles in your deck, you basically have an endless deck.

Lail Deathspear said...

I have found lots of them on my lower character that just finished Kt. I just sell them all or give them away to random people because I never really use my treasure cards...

Lail said...

@Destiny- I trained some reshuffles.. I wonder if it would let me create a treasure card out of some...