Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is 39 too low for Dragonspyre?

I have a question from Destiny Dragonrider
Dear Friendly,
I am leveling my first wizard - a pyromancer. I am in Dragonspyre, and have completed all other worlds before, but am only level thirty-nine. Some people have told me that I'm too low-level to be in Dragonspyre. I'm worried that I won't have enough health or levels to get spells and do things at the same time as other players. Should I go back to the other worlds and do side quests or re-do things to get experience, should I keep going, or do something else?
Dear Destiny Dragonrider,
You're awesome, don't worry about it. Seriously, I mean it. You're not the first to be in Dragonspyre at such a low level and you certainly won't be the last. Can you hold your own there? Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can hold your own. It does get tougher though. The towers get out of control, the mobs all cast weakness, and most of them shield. Heck I've even had appropriate level Pyromancers asking me for advice when leveling through towers.

But, here's something else for you to think about . . . you're probably going to get stuck on a few things.
1- The obsidian chest quest in the final world has you revisiting all the worlds to gather your obsidian chests. You will probably have to complete a few of these side quests to get in to a couple of these. (Mossback quest is one of these side quests . . . of course, you could always have one of your friends that's done these allow you to port into them so you can get the chest.)

2- You want to be level 50 for when Celestia comes out, so you might as well start thinking about leveling up to that now by doing all your side quests. Otherwise, you might end the game in your low 40's and then have to do a lot of backtracking. (which isn't so bad, since when you backtrack your quests you're more powerful and they're easier to do then.)

3- I always am looking forward to my level 48 spells when I level a character. Attaining my last spell always feels more like my real goal than defeating Malistaire for some reason. I think this is why I have a couple characters at level 48 now instead of grandmaster. (I NEED TO LEVEL THEM!) I hadn't really thought about this before leveling with Bailey, but she really wanted her level 48 spell before fighting the final things in Dragonspyre so she could experience the game while casting the big spells, you know? (Uber wife is awesome like that.)

Now, with that all in mind, I can't stress enough that you should just play the game how you want to play, and if you're playing it with friends by your side, then you have no worries at all. (unless they're hassling you.) Just have fun doing what you're doing, and as long as you aren't doing weird stuff like blowing people's traps with fire elf and getting yourself killed, then you're perfectly fine.

Now, socially, I think people are under the impression that you have to have your level 42 spell to survive. I don't know about that. A bladed up scald back to back with a choke and a good heal can be as impressive to watch as a helephant. Phoenix ain't such a bad spell either. Your biggest problem will probably be when you run into fire school baddies as a few rounds of laying down converts can sometimes be a painful experience.

Basically, have a good strategy.

Of course, my readers may be of a different opinion. Let Destiny know what you think!

Best of luck!

Happy Dueling!


Fist of Fire said...

I personally try to get my charachters to level 42, so they can get a big attack spell before dragonspyre. It's your choice though. Whatever your level, you'll need lots of help with towers, dungeouns, tombs, and instances.

Alex Deathshade said...

Leesha Darkheart herself was only level 40 when she went to DS

plus if your a high level like me it feels kinda LAME when your level 48
and your on the labyrinth.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Going back to the basics we tend to miss as we're gaining levels and feeling stronger, finding a full team with Rank 4 AOE and their class blade can actually bulldoze through Dragonspyre!

But, to close up the gap to 50, side quests are definitely needed!

Ryan Winterstone said...

I have four grandmasters, working on a fifth. The first two, I did all the side quests after mooshu (because dragonspyre wasn't out yet), and I was around level 44-45 by the time i started. This worked out okay. For my third, I saved all the side quests until the end, and I hated that. Doing a lot of side quests all at the end IS NOT FUN (at least not to me). It becomes torture beating DS, then going back to KT and taking hours to get one level up.

Anyways, on my fourth grand, I did all the side quests for the street I was on while I was on them. This way, it wasn't torture, because it was broken up. Also, I didn't have to do any DS side quests, and achieved grandmaster right before I got the malistaire quest. I like this A LOT, and am doing the same thing on my working-on-getting-to grandmaster now.

**(my tip is to do all the side quests in the street your on so you don't save them all to the end if you don't wanna read all that :P )**

Grayson said...

Yes, level 39 is too low for Dragonspyre unless you are a Life wizard. I was able to get to level 45 before I even defeated the Jade Oni. This is because I am a Crowns player and I had to wait untiL I could buy any more of the game. I did my all my side quests during this time. What I would do is this:

1. Do this Mossback quests. They got my Ice wizard to level 49 before I even got the quest to defeat Orin Grimcaster in the Crucible!(I still have that quest if anyone is willing to help me with the tower.)

2. @Alex Deathshade: Really?!?

3. I was level 42 smack dab in the middle of Kishibe Village onboth of my highest level wizard, who are the only wizards who have gotten in the 40's. LOL!!!!

Destiny Dragonrider said...

Thanks for the comments and thank you so much Friendly for answering my question! I think I'll do some Mossback quests before continuing and get to at least level 40 before continuing with my friend through DS. Thanks again SO much!!!

Destiny Dragonrider said...

Thank you so much for answering my question, Friendly, and thank you so much for all your comments! I think I will do some Mossback quests and get to at least level 40 before continuing with my friend through Dragonspyre. Again, thank you SO much!!!

Artur Ghostmancer said...

I was level 40 or so when I got to Dragonspyre, and am level 42 and am in the Grand Chasm. As you go through the worlds, you level up more and more. That is just one example I have. Don't worry! You will have your Helephant(Like I do) soon, and will do fine!

Anonymous said...

 can i give you this link for you to put on the link list at the top?


Anonymous said...

 can i give you this link for you to put on the link list at the top?


Anonymous said...

i was 39 when i entered dragonspire but leveled up after completeing the quest to get there

Anonymous said...

My wizard, Duncan Battleblood finished all the side quests in Mooshu (He finished Mooshu before Dragonspyre was released.) And when Dragonspyre was released he was Level 46.

Anonymous said...

My Death wizard, Darby DeathThorn, was level 37 when she started Dragonspyre. When I battled the first boss, I got beaten... BIG TIME. So I recomend going up to 40 or if you can, 42 Right now, I'm busy leveling up with sidequests in MooShu.