Friday, June 25, 2010

KI is now in the question answering business!

haha! I love it!

A longtime reader smvb (aka Grace Icehammer) and 122ninjas told me about this new question and answer forum over on Central. I even see a few of my buddies already posting and talking there:

And guess who moderates this awesome spot on the net . . . dun dun dun . . . MECATZ!

Here's how Mecatz is running the show:
Each week the top 10 questions from Wizard101 Central will be answered directly by KingsIsle staff and posted in here for discussion. One thing to remember is KI is very, very busy and we should allow them some time to answer them.

How they are picked is through searching the entire central forum for questions only KI could answer. Please continue to use the areas that are for your questions, such as PvP, wizard101 questions,crafting, housing and so on, as central Mods/Admin or members might be able to answer them, as well.

Not all questions will be serious in nature, as there are some questions that people wonder about that aren't the most pressing but the majority of players would like to know.

Keep asking your questions around the fanscape! Eventually, somewhere somehow, someone will answer one of your questions! Me loves me some kweshuns!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

That's cool!

Fist of Fire said...

Yep! Awesome addition! I love how KI answers 10 questions each week.

P.D. (Luke GoldHorn) said...

Hey Friendly,

P.D. here. I gots a question for ya. You know those spells such as Time of Legend and Wyldfire? Does their +25% effect come in before blades (which would be first), or do they come in effect last (which would be after your taps)? Thanks,