Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ravenwood Radio 17 is Tonight!

Can you believe we're up to Episode 17 on Ravenwood Radio now? So here's the skinny:
Place: The Ravenwood Radio Listen Live Chatroom
Time: Tonight at 9:30 East, 8:30 Central, 7:30 Mountain, 6:30 Pacific.
Who: Everybody, yo!

I did in fact submit a segment to Leesha earlier this morning, and if it passes the grade, I think it may be presented to your computer speakers À la carte during the show.

Good times, good times. I'm thinking this episode is pretty much guaranteed to be all about the new advanced pets expansion (among other things).

Hope to see the chat room jumping tonight with all the regulars and hopefully a few new peeps as well, and perhaps there will be an after broadcast party as per normal.

Happy Dueling!


Blaze Silverfist said...

Hopefully my mom will let me stay up and listen in. Maybe come to the after party if I'm lucky. IS there a chance you'll be at the party? I'd love to spend more funtime with you. ;D

Thanks for the info.


Anonymous said...

lol figures i have a band concert at school durring ravenwood radio... AGAIN!!