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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do you have to pay to do ranked pet derby?

I have an interesting question from Frazel here:
I have a question too Friendly! My sub is running out and I was wondering, if I switched to Crowns would I have to pay eatch time I use the pet derb like with pvp?
Heya Frazel, i haven't heard anything about a pay-to-play system for the derby. I'm a subscription player myself, so I can't really answer this question, but I'm hoping one of my fine readers can help.

Does it cost crowns to play a ranked match in derby like it does in pay-to-duel pvp?

Happy Dueling!


Sean Emeraldweaver said...

To play in the pet derby on ranked mode it's the same as playing in PvP, you can either pay crowns for a day pass, or pay for each individual round.

Rogue Sorcerer said...

Well for the short time I was a free player sometime after the pets were made live it said that I had to pay crowns to play. So your answer is YES!

Fist of Fire said...

Yes, sadly it does. If you want to do it, stick with the 240 crown day-pass. You can play the derby all you want for the next 24 hours.

Hunter Wildthorn said...

Its just like PVP. Pay to race, then pay again for the next one, and then pay for the 3rd one, ect...

Glad to help :)

stingite said...

Thanks for the help guys!