Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dopefish in Wizard101?

I think I just stumbled across a Dopefish reference in Wizard101!

"Dopefish?" you ask?

Yeah, see, almost all the games that Tom Hall has a hand in find a way to make some kind of Dopefish reference. It spans all the way back to the Commander Keen video game. Here's the wikipedia entry on it.

The catch here is that Tom Hall is (or was, not sure) working on the second project for Kingsisle . . . not necessarily Wizard101, but I'm almost certain he must have had a hand in things somewhere. I know that he's still a part of Kingsisle Entertainment for sure!

Anyway, Dopefish is usually a green fish with buckteeth. This "large fish" is orange with buckteeth.

Could it be? I think it's the closest we've got! :-)

I've mentioned Tom Hall a couple of times before on this blog:
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Happy Dueling!


Rogue Sorcerer said...

it should be called a dork fish like from blue collar comedy tour rides again.

Mycin WildDust said...

Hey Friendly,
What is a student Teacher? I've heard about them on Ravenwood Radio and at forums throughout the internet. Thanks!
Mycin WildDust

M.W.S said...

Not sure if Vaden (Hydra pet) would snack on that lol...

Wolf Shadowheart said...

The storm minion also seems to have dopefishes flying out of him.