Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tips for Raven Farming?

Question from Christopher Hexshard:
You mentioned you farmed the ravens for gold. I am yet to beat more than one in a battle so could you give me a few tips for raven farming? Thanks!
Heya Christopher,

Yeah, this is a farm you HAVE to do with friends. Otherwise it's too hard and too lengthy of a fight to make it a valuable farm. It's probably possible to solo, just not as profitable (I tried to solo Ravens and almost did it, but they have amazing dps. Thermic Shield seems to be almost a necessity . . . I digress.)

If you're soloing, go after bosses like these in Dragonspyre. Or take a few of my other gold building suggestions.

I have to say something else here, dang, farming for pets can be some serious bank. You will farm up a ton of trash loot on your quest to farm up all the new pets you want. Bailey has been doing this and she's got some money. Right now it's a great time to farm since everyone is interested in a few key pets like the crabling or the ianthine spectre. Plaza of Conquests is alive with activity the past few weeks. It's a great time to be farming for gold. TONS of willing participants.

NOW, as far as the ravens go, bring a level 48 healer and an elemental wizard or two (really any setup will work, but I like the AOEs and damage output of storm wizards). Have the healer stick to healing and you'll be just fine. Storm wizards will need to prism the storm boss and should be wielding myth swords/hammer in case a myth shield is played, but one or two fully charged, bladed up tempests or storm lords will clear the Ravens out quickly. Likewise, a bladed up Fire Dragon or two will also work (prism on the fire boss of course). Likewise, a bladed up Frost Giant or two will also work . . . you get the picture.

And as always, my readers may have a few more insights. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Winicott1001 said...

Hey Friendly,

Here is a link to BWildheart's blog on central.

He outlines a way to beat ravens in 3-4 rounds. Storm must have Brisk Ring for this to work. If you are willing to spend gold on Elemental Blade TC's then you can get it down to 2.5 rounds (.5 becuase it is hard to get all 4 wiz in circle at same time). 11-15k in 30 minutes. Good times. This is the answer to breeding expense IMHO.

Keep up the good work.

Wini from Central

Anonymous said...

Thanks friendly, you rock!

Christopher Hexshard

Anonymous said...

YES! I finaly did it, thanks!

Christopher Hexshard