Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bloggers Club Alive with Pre-Quest Information!

I was just scrolling through the bloggers club on the right hand side over there, and I must say . . . GOOD FREAKING WORK GUYS! seriously, I'm counting over 30 posts about the test realm opening and all the pre-quest stuff, including insights to new gear, the warehouse, etc.

Some highlights for me were Chillanthropist talking about beating the warehouse on round 1. Nice work, my friend!

Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards had some great insights on where the advertised patch fell short.

Heather Emeraldflame gives us a nice look at the Grizzleheim housing.

Tipa at West Karana gives us a good recap of her warehouse experience, and I lol'd at her insight to the Eric Bloom designed quest: "It’s a nice enough quest, but from the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, I’d expected a little more."

Kestrel fills in the gaps by talking about the stuff that other people failed to mention . . . like the location of the new pet vendor, the get-out-of-my-house-noob button, and the pet energy clothes.

Wizard101 info even provides us with a "Documentary" of Dustin's experience working his way through all the test realm stuff.

. . . And on and on and on (y'all rock, seriously. Sorry if I didn't mention your blog specifically, um, I just don't want to be typing all night.)

So go take a look there on the right-hand side and check 'em out! Lots of great info there!

Happy Dueling!


Heather Emeraldflame said...

Hmm...I mentioned the energy clothes as well as vendor Monday nights in quick notes I had posted on my blog, as well...lol. I actually had 3 posts since Monday night on the test realm ;)
Thanks for posting!

dakota silverbane said...

how do you get in blogger's club? i have a blog too but i've never heard of the club till you posted this.