Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How do I solo towers as a Fire Wizard?

Question from the fred of firepants:
Hello there Friendly!

This is me, Fred Firepants. I have a question for you.

Do you have any tips for soloing annoying towers? What spells to use to finish off mobs?

Lol, I should probably ask a fire wizard, but I'm feeling random so you score a question =P

I'm trying the bladed helephant on each enemy but should I try a AoE spell instead? Like a firebladed elementalbladed Meteor Strike?

Yessir, those towers in Dragonspyre are very mean!

So much taunt.

Ok, here's my little tips to help you survive towers when you're not a Death wizard. LOL. We get it easy since our final attack is also a heal.

1- Shields. It's hard to kind of plan what type of monster you're going to go up against, but shields help so much with blocking damage. If you can alternate shielding and blading and shielding and trapping, then you're doing great.

2. Heal. Always bring a full set of potion bottles with you. The goal at the end of a fight in a tower is always always to be as close to full health as you can get before moving on to the next floor. Sometimes that means that you have to have a fight extend a little bit so you can reach that goal of healing right before killing, and that can be really hard when you see a card in your hand and you're ready to defeat that mob . . . and yet you have to wait for it so you can heal yourself. You know? Patience is so key in towers when in there solo . . . aaaand when that isn't possible, potion bottle. Use them sparingly, but use them! Yup.

3. Damage. When I play a Fire Wizard out in the open, I'm kind of fond of a bladed scald under a wildfyre aura. Although your monsters get a couple extra rounds while they burn, you also get a couple extra rounds to heal or choke them. Towers on the other hand, attacking single targets with something like firezilla or helephant to take them out one at a time may be more to your advantage as the more opponents out on the battlefield, the more damage is potentially being done to you. It's much easier to shield and heal against one opponent than two.

4. Minion. So your minion does a couple things, but mostly it traps, blades, and casts fire elf and fire cat. I'm a fan of the minion myself because they usually take the attention off of me even if for a little bit by one of those creatures. Yeah, it's a pain when they blow one of your traps on a boss fight, but for the trash on the levels of a tower . . . LOVE thy minion. I also like how they seem to just push mobs over the edge with their little attacks when my scald or other attack wasn't quite enough.

5. Treasure Cards. If you're not using your treasure cards, you're not playing with a full deck, yo. There's a number of ways of doing this, but mainly you either load your treasure deck up with heals, shields, or damage attacks. Treasure cards increase the predictability of the battle, so use them to your advantage. It's better to discard one card and draw a treasure card than to sit and blindly discard trying to find the card you need.

6. Don't solo. Seriously! You're a popular guy, Fred! Use that to your advantage! :-)

And that's about all I got. Maybe one of my readers (who have been awesome filling in the gaps in my knowledge lately btw) will have some extra tips for soloing towers as a fire wizard.

Hope that helps, Mr. Firepants! Nice poem btw.

Happy Dueling!

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Heather said...

I think Friendly hit on pretty much everything when it comes to soloing with Fire in DS. Though not sure I would use the minion myself. It really depends, I mean there is A LOT of Fire in DS, so if you are fighting a mob with even one fire creature then you won't want your minion cause 9 times outta 10 he is gonna target the fire guy(cause the minion has no brains,) bust your prism you put on the fire creature and mess up everything for you...lol.
When I ran Fire, many moons ago, I dropped my minion after MS. He didn't seem so useful by that time and always got killed off so fast that he seemed like a waste of pips...like one hit from the angry enemies he had been hitting with weak cats and elves and he'd be gone.
If you do use your minion let him take the lead a bit. I try to do that with any of the minions that attack. I personally wish that most of them wouldn't attack...I love my storm minion, Bill(lol,) cause he rarely attacks and just takes hits for me...I even help him out by providing some shields to him that he doesn't put on himself. Anyway, see which enemy your minion is going to focus on before laying traps and use that time to shield yourself. The only thing is I have seen minions "change their minds" on who they want to hit and in that process they might mess up your traps. If you see that your minion is about to destroy your set-up with a weak spell then you would really benefit from having another minion card in hand OR a minion sacrifice card. If you have another card for a new minion; call it up to replace the one that is going to attack...that will stop them from attacking that round and give you time to attack (hopefully.) Otherwise use that sacrifice card and get rid of him/her.

For the most the only minions I use are Mander with Balance, Water Elemental with Storm, and Minotaur with Myth(and use any other myth minion at the appropriate levels.) To me those are about the most worthwhile minions in the game. I really don't like Fire's or Life's(although I highly advise that if you run Kensington and have a Life person in there doing only healing, no attacking, that the Life minion really shines in there...she will be too busy healing to want to use her Imp spell...lol...she really helps to fill in the gaps of what the Life wizard is doing, and takes some of the slack off the Life wiz cause Life wizards have a tendency to get hit after they heal someone)But no matter which you use, save for Storm's(though Bill has come out and attacked right off the bat one time...which was really odd and rare since he usually only does it to regain health with ghoul,) give your minion a round or three(depending on how slow they are to attack(Ice's minion is way slow, though at least he uses Shark which is worth a wait most of the time)and see who they are going to target, then take the other enemy they aren't going for. Hopefully by the time you get your target killed your minion has chopped down the health of the other enemy so that you hardly even need to set-up to kill that second one and you can get yourself healed well enough before continuing up that dreadful DS tower..lol.
Of the elemental schools I would say Fire is hardest to solo with in DS. But with most any school it really is just learning to balance out healing, shielding, and attacking.
One other little bit of advice is, if you haven't already; learn to read your opponents. It can be done, seriously. For starters at the beginning of the fight if you go first you lay traps or put up blades, if they go first then you shield. Try to kinda stick to that formula and watch your enemy's number of pips and you can pretty well guess what they will do next, most of the time.
When I ran my first Life wiz with a friend he was constantly remarking about how I always shielded him just in time and was really happy about that. It's really something I learned when I ran my first Storm wiz...with that low health you really learn to take care of yourself ;)

...wow, sorry so long...haha!