Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friendly Necromancer, Gregorian Chant, Obsidian Chests, and Housing Items of the Day!

Liam has a card and a question!
Hey, FN. It's Liam F. here. I have learned how to make cards! they're now to good, but they're okay. I made one of you. They're not like yours, they are like the games. Q: How many obsidian chests are there? And where can you get one for furniture?

P.S. I used a pic of the model for your card.

LOL, nice card.

Here is what I want my battle animation to be: I just kind of appear out of nowhere in the battle circle, put a hand on my hip, give a head tilt, click my fingers, and everyone dies. I LIKE IT!

Ok, obsidian chests . . . yes, this confusing piece of menacing looking furniture has bewildered young wizards since dragonspyre hit the servers. When I look at an obsidian chest I think I can hear the thoughts of 10,000 wizards humming in a gregorian chant, "What the heck is this obsidian chest and why can't I get any cool loot out of it?" And then I hear a guitar solo. And then someone plays the friendly necromancer card and everyone dies.

The obsidian chests are part of a long quest near the end of the game called wizard tours. As you'll progress through the game, you'll notice them in a lot of the main boss chambers. In fact, they are all listed right here over at Central.

If you read down a bit on that thread, you'll soon realize that the hardest obsidian chest to obtain is the one found in the Labyrinth. A few people there have some suggestions for how to make that trip back through the Labyrinth less painful. There's also this tip, which suggests marking by the obsidian chest and hurrying through the next quest in under 30 minutes so you can port back to the obsidian chest right after you get the wizard tours quest. It's looking like that strategy is hit and miss though.

At the end of the Wizard Tours quest, part of your reward is the obsidian chest furniture item. Gratz!

And for us now it's the item of the day!

Thanks for the question and as always . . .



Jessica said...

Cool! I want that card! You go in battle, you look for your friendly necromancer card, and BAM! Everyone dies. Bye bye bosses!

Natalie Moonblade said...

LOL that would be an awesome card to have. It would make my DS boss fights much easier!

Jacob Rainbowshard said...

my animation (if i had a myself card)
would be: i appear in the middle of the duel circle, i point at my enemies and a fiery-looking beam of electricity comes out of my finger, burning, and stunning all of my enemies, also dealing 10084756039684067848694869458694
damage to them.
I'm jacob rainbowshard, real name jake.
level 27 or 28 diviner, i don't remember :O
my secondary school is fire :D