Friday, June 25, 2010

Which is better? Mega Snack Pack or Pet Energy Elixer?

Not really a question, but more of an observation from triple D (check it out):
I'm not sure if anyone other than me has done the number crunching, but here's what I've discovered, IF my math is right.

(MSP) Mega Snack Pack = 2500 Crowns
(PEE) Pet Energy Elixir = 250 Crowns
10 Pet Energy Elixirs = 2500 Crowns

The MSP grants 7 items with a total of (39 AGIL, 46 INT, 101 PWR, 36 WILL, & 23 STR) = 245 points. Since it takes 7 games to use them up, that means 7x4= 28 points. So using the MSP means netting 245+28= 273 points for an Ancient on his way to Epic, presuming maxed out stats on all categories, this means all game and pet food points go directly towards levelling towards the 1000 points to attain Epic.

Ten PEE's grants 48x10=480 points. For an Ancient on his way to Epic, this means 480 points divided by 8 points per game to play = 60 games. 60x4=240 plus 6 points per game if using pet food called Ambros Cereal (for those who craft) = 360 points. Adding that up, we get 360+240= 600 points. I think that 600 points could shoot up to as high as 660 points, because there are pet foods that grant an extra point if the pet likes it, for an extra 60 points.

Clearly, for the Crowns Conservative, spending one's crowns on 10 PEE's nets you 600 points (if you craft your own Ambros Cereal food and assuming you get the full 4 points per game for being really good at the cannon game). Yet for the same crowns investment you only get 273 points with one purchase of the MSP.

Yup, looks pretty straight forward.

This reminds me of something I was reading on MMORPG about Free to Play games and how the business model works juxtapose the people that play them. Let me quote a bit here:

•Type 1: A player with more time than money;
•Type 2: A player with more money than time;
•Type 3: A player with lots of money and lots of time.

Type-1 players don’t usually pay anything. They just play. These players are really useful because they fill up the game world and make it feel full and fun. They know that they won’t be spending any money, so they play just to have fun, or until another more-interesting F2P game catches their eye.

Type-2 players are a game’s bread and butter. They want to take part in the game, but feel like everyone else is going too fast and they want to catch up. They are prepared to pay (some) money to speed things up a bit.

Type-3 players are much less common. Imagine if Bruce Wayne wasn’t Batman but really loved playing MMOs – that’s type 3. These players are extremely valuable (and will spend a lot of money), and, like my Dad likes to say, “they’re as rare as rocking-horse [poop] (edit by friendly, you're welcome)”.

Now, Wizard101 isn't 100% free to play, but we do have a crowns shop, and what we're talking about here are crowns shop items. So let me answer the question that isn't really asked here: which is better for you? Mega Snack Pack or Pet Energy Elixir? Here's how I see it:
Type-1 players are going to either not invest in any crowns boosts or invest in the pet energy elixirs.

Type-2 players are going to invest in Mega Snack Pack.

Type-3 players are going to invest in Mega Snack Pack and Pet Energy Elixirs. (or PEE's as you call them LOL)

I think you're totally right on PEE's giving you more bank for your buck (especially if you're using some decent food). Nice observation!

I do have to say that I like the power stat boosts on Mega Snack Packs, but, meh, I could Fairy Cake my power stat if I really wanted. (word, fairy cake)

At least that's how I see it at 6:43 am on 25 June, 2010.


Happy Dueling!

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Sierra Starsong said...

lol! I'm definitely a Type 1 player, with more time than money. I bought $5 in crowns when I first started, to unlock Firecat Alley & Cyclops Lane, to see if I was still hooked on the game enough to pay for it. We've had 3 family subscriptions for over a year now, $21/month pretty well maxes out our entertainment budget so there's none left over for crowns. I *love* the optional gold prices on crowns items, and I've spent countless hours farming stuff to sell for gold. I've bought eight mounts (couldn't resist replacing a basic broom with a blue dragon when those came out) and five (so far) school-themed houses for my wizards, along with tons of gear from the Bazaar. I know KI's doing it to avoid the gold farming economy that plagues some other games but I really wish more Crowns items had optional gold prices.