Friday, June 25, 2010

Blood Moss and Reagent Maps?

Two Questions here from Taji:
1- Do you know of a good place to find blood moss?
2- What ever happened to the Detailed Map of Regeant's Spawn points project? There are no wizard city spawn points and it is very un-complete. The last update was January 1st of this year. I would love to help but I am afraid it will not be updated.

1- I do have some recommendations for Blood Moss! Check this post I made back in January.

2- Yeah, I just think the people involved either became busy with other things or lost interest. It's probably time to move forward with the project with someone who's committed to it. (Kind of like how Kevin Battleblood and the petnome team have become committed to the pet project.)

You know, I should probably make a page here at the Friendly Necromancer that tells everything you'd ever want to know about crafting. I might just do that at some point. I already have a lot of data on it, I just haven't put it all into one place and made it awesome yet.

On maps . . . you know, a lot of MMO games like these that have "nodes" and "areas of interest" on a map also have a fan site dedicated to cartography of some sort. For instance, EQ Atlas was awesome for Everquest. This site looks pretty freaking awesome for The Game Which Shall Not Be Named. The Dynamic Map site for LOTRO looks extremely handy.

Sooooo . . . where's our Wizard101 Cartographer website? Well, we have maps scattered all over the place, really. We have the general maps that are available to anyone by pressing M in game. We have wikia's maps for offline. We have the maps of the reagents both here and on central. We have the maps to teleporters on my site (I think a partial list over at central).

. . . so where's the cool map site that has everything in one for us like those other games? Hmmm? I want maps with reagent nodes, npcs, teleporters, chest locations, bosses, etc., and I want it all in one . . . AND I want them to be selectable to where I can build my own customized map. It'd be awesome!

So, consider this another challenge to the community, we need someone to step up and make this their baby and make it awesome! Not for the weak of heart or those that aren't prepared to get hassled about spawn locations and things like that. We need someone that's committed. /shrug

If anyone does plan on doing this, let me give you the most important hint I learned from my time gathering node data for maps. The test realm is your best friend. When they open the test realm for us to test the prequest or Celestia, don't spend your time doing those things. Spend your time hunting down node information at a time when most people aren't doing those things on the test realm.

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!


Fist of Fire said...

I think there are a few maps of regeant spawn points over at central.
A good place for blood moss is nightshade, firecat alley, collosus boulevard, or the bazaar.

Taji34 said...

hey! Maybe I should start making point of interest maps! That should put my blog on the map! Oh and thanks for the help. These crafting quests are killers!

M.W.S said...

Normally, I look up stuff on W101 Wikipedia. With 15 Mandrakes you can make one Blood Moss. The other day I asked your uber wife she recommended this and the results were great.