Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why does my mini-game cost vary?

Ronan Ravennails has a question:
Hey FN, I noticed something strange with the Mini-Games. One minute they only cost 2 pet mana, and then they cost 6! Is there something I dont know about?

There is something you don't know about!

The energy cost of mini-games goes up as the age of your pet goes up:
Baby = 2
Teen = 4
Adult = 6
Ancient = 8

This is why leveling a pet to epic can be such a challenge (besides being capped by stats . . . not every pet can be epic, you know). And a big reason we need some evolution pet stones!


Happy Dueling!


Mike said...

But, hey wait a sec. how did a guy send you a question? it was clearly new, because it involved pet mana, so it is not one that someone asked wayyy before you stopped accepting question. So are you allowing question's again? yay!

(if not plz tell me becouse i don't want to be sending you a question if your not gonna reply :)

M.W.S said...

Surprisngly, that post was short lol...

Also for word verification it says: jeckmate lol...

stingite said...

@mike: I don't gaurantee I'll answer your question, but go ahead and shoot it to "thefriendlynecromancer" @ "", and I'll see what I can do.

Mike said...

Awesome :) thanks!

William said...

I am not sure where to post a question, so i guess i will post it here. I have 2 questions that may be hard for you to answer

1. I was wondering on the new update coming at the end of the month, if the new schools would take training points, or free. Example: Sun is related to fire, and life. Would these be free?

2. On the pet update, i am a ancient now and maxed almost every skill, i will not have enough to complete 1000 xp, but i was wondering if you maxed every skill, you would turn epic

Thanks hope you can answer these :)