Sunday, June 27, 2010

Will the new bosses be harder than Malistaire?

Question from Dakota Silverbane over at
if malistaire is defeated, then are those bug people sort of like the new malistaire? if so, they are going to probably going to be 10 times harder than him since the lvl cap is higher plus the new schools!
I have no idea.


I will say that it makes sense. There will have to be a greater challenge since we will have ten more levels, granting us more talent points, more hitpoints, more mana, and more spells (whether those be astral spells or regular school spells). The challenge we come up against will just naturally have to be harder.

As we've seen with Briskbreeze, there are already two bosses with more strategy involved than with Malistaire.

I like this direction that KI has gone with the last two bosses. There's more challenge involved. The problem with designing challenges like these, however, is that it probably becomes harder and harder to not exclude menu-chatters while designing boss fights that require more coordination and strategy. These are the types of things that KI probably comes up against all the time. They need to consider their entire player-base because their game appeals to so many.

To me it seems to make sense to build "tiers" of fights. Like easy, intermediate, and advanced boss fights. You could still get all the loot from the easy fight that you could get from the advanced fight, it's just the advance fight would have the rare drops be at a much higher percentage chance than in the easy fight. This way people could still complete quests at all levels of play, but advanced players could have more advanced challenges with better chances for payouts.

I'm sure we will continue to see more and more challenges either way!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

I like the sound of it easy, medium and advanced sort of like the Pet Derby lol. :P

Blaze Silverfist said...

That's something I've been wondering about for a while now. It's great that you're already theorycrafting on what the solution might be. Another quick thing, that link says that blog doesn't exist (but the name is available for registration ;D lol)

Keep up the great work.

~Your good buddy,

Cody Shadowstrider said...

What about Jotun, Grettir, Ullik and Lokar in The Hall of Valor? isn't THAT a pretty hard fight? I've been up Briskbreeze, and, lemme tell you. IT ISN'T WORTH DOING A QUEST WITH NO REWARD! Period.

On the test realm, they have made malistaire and his defenses MUCH more powerful. NOW Malistaire has One hundred thousand health, and all three of his minions are Ghosts of Sylvia Drake, BOOSTED, at thirty thousand health each, and now malistaire can cheat, JUST LIKE Orrik and the other dude, (Forget his name.) I dunno about Malistaire's new defenses, but I heard that the Gurtok are now UNPASSABLE without a fight, they regenerate when you first get to the crystal, so you have to fight them twice unless you go with a friend, and port to him/her, and now the path of scales and howling cave are ENTIRELY different dungeons, about as long as tomb of the beliguer, not KENSINGTON long, but quite long. they made Malistaire MUCH harder

Anonymous said...

This is no question friendly but on this thread on central it says the trials are going to test realm this week


DeathCrafter said...

Hey friendly I know this is irrelevant but check this picture out
Courtesy of Johnist on central

dakota silverbane said...

if the link wont work just type in the address bar. and what spells do you think will be in the new schools? if they are moon sun and star, would they have an astral type of spells or since it's underwater crab's and storm-like spells.