Monday, June 7, 2010

LOL Surprises from Uber Wife

Ok, so the truth of the matter is that I'm an early bird type of a person, and my wife is a late night type of a person. I woke up this morning with a couple of surprises waiting for me in the picture folder.

Surprise 1:

HAHA! Iridian and Myrna played a lot of Dragonspyre this weekend. We worked through all of Plaza of Conquests and The Grand Chasm, and we started working The Drake Hatchery as well. The last thing I remember was that Myrna was really freaking close to level 42 . . . like maybe only 10% left to go. Well, it looks like uber wife was busy with my character. HAHA!


Surprise 2:

Yeah, I woke up to two mysterious eggs with a 14 hour timer on Thomas Lionblood. The dye shop revealed them to be storm cats. HAHAHA! The wife played my character and got me two stormcats from Herkir last night! WOOT!

Dang that's awesome!

I bet you all wish you had an uber wife.

Best powerleveling tip ever.


Happy Dueling!


Sean EmeraldWeaver said...

Friendly, lol you are a celeb these days! Do I have to be paparazzi to get hold of you?

blaze duskblade said...

hey friendly i have a question for you what would be the best level 35 death only gear and where can you get it

Anonymous said...

You're quite right, we all do. Bailey, make sure Thomas keeps his nose clean!

Anonymous said...

You're quite right, we all do. Bailey, make sure Thomas keeps his nose clean!

M.W.S said...

That's awesome!

Blaze MistShard said...

Hey! I helped with Uber Surprise 2!!
*just sayin*

Anonymous said...

hey tom! its wolf talespear lol go bailey too! your so awesome baily! cya tonight!

Anonymous said...

Friendly, I'm not sure how to leave you a question, so I'll just write it here. I've heard that there are going to be three new schools of magic in Celestia. Is this true? If so any predictions what they'll be? Thanks.
P.S. I am so pysched for Celestia.

dakota silverbane said...

i also have a question that is kind of weird, why would a forest spirit give crabs? isn't that kind of weird? and did uber wife have to mix two pets to get the storm cats, or are they farmed by herkir?