Saturday, June 19, 2010

Less Talkee, More Playee

The first time I heard someone say, "Less Talkee, More Playee" to me was back when I was playing Everquest. I was in a cool mega-guild called Vanguards of Excellence. I was a pretty heavy contributor to the message boards and did a lot of writing there because, hey, that's kind of what I do. I'm a chatty Kathy, y'all. word.

Anyway, a new expansion hit the game and raised the level cap by ten levels or so, and I was the slow one of the bunch because, well, I did more chatting/posting on the message boards than I did playing because, hey, that's kind of what I do. Again, chatty Kathy. Listen for once would ya? I'm trying to tell you something here. sheesh.

Anyway, one guy in the guild called me out and said, "HEY STING!"

And I'm all, "what?"

And he's all, "Less Talkee, More Playee."

and I'm all, "What?"

And he's all, "Dude, you'd be level 70 right now if you weren't posting on the messageboards all the time. I learned that a long time ago. LOL!"

And I'm all, "LOL!" But really I was thinking, "Dude, 1) that's like asking me to not breathe or something, and 2) who are you? I haven't ever seen you post on the message boards before . . . dot dot dot . . . ."

He had a good point though, and I took a while to stop writing on the messageboards so much and just concentrated on leveling my toon. Level 70 happened, and it was all good again. The raid group embraced me once again and stopped giving me that blank look. Then again, we are talking Everquest here, and we all pretty much had that blank expression regardless.

So, sometimes you've got to just adopt the "Less Talkee, More Playee" attitude and, for the lack of a better phrase, Shut up. OH wait! There is a better phrase than Shut up. It's "less talkee, more playee!"

Anyway, this is one of those times. I'm leveling Myrna and playing the game more than talking about it. (If that's possible.)

Hopefully our accounts will now have the following seven Grandmasters ready to play through the Celestia content when it hits the shelves: Thomas, Bailey, Kyle, Amber, Molly, Myrna, and Iridian. That should be enough.


Happy Dueling!


Fist of Fire said...

Lol, that's me. I always go through all the fansites and blogs and such. I found a solution a while back. I turned off fullscreen, and now I can do both!

It makes the graphics a lot better too.

C@SWEBSTER said...

Wow i never can type that much on my website, here it is:

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Yep, sometimes you gotta do what YOU want to, not what others want or expect of you. Have fun leveling! I am hoping I can get back to my lowbies a bit too :)

Lenora NightWraith said...

The quests building up toward Celestia definitely sound like they are going to be a challenge not to mention HELLA awesome. I wonder if the key you get in Briskbreeze Tower has anything to do with repairing the key you'll get in the Road to Celestia quest??? Hmmmm....Anyways, good luck on leveling up Myrna and have fun more playee'ing! :)

Anonymous said...

wait. does that mean that the level cap is out or isnt

David TitanRider said...

Hey Friendly, I was just surfing the wizard101 blogs and you might make a thaugmaturge's dream by just commenting.


He would flip if you commented.

-D. TitanRider

M.W.S said...

Off-topic: Got some blogs for ya!

Just look at my blog list for more I know some of these must be on yours.

wolf talespear said...


I have a question.... What do you say is the best farming location for gold? The coven has been boring me and u was wondering if there is another good option???

1Mudkip88 said...

Happy Father's Day Friendly!
Hope you had a great one. (Sorry this is a day late, I was busy with my dad. ;D


Stingite said...

@wolf: just farm for the new pets! You'll get plenty of cash loot while you farm for them all! :-)