Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Briskbreeze Quest and Drake Rider Badge?

Question here from anon:
Hi friendly I have a question. I have a balance grand who just finished the game and I wanted to know how to get the quest for briskbreeze tower? Also how do you get the drake rider badge?

Thanks for the questions! One, go read this old post of mine about it. (Summary: attain level 50 and talk to the guards in Olde Town)

Two, Drake Rider Badge, eh? I think you mean Dragonrider Badge? What you do is complete all Academy Quests in Dragonspyre! And I know this because I've gone to the Warcry site, which has been my source for badge information from the day I became aware of it. Love that site.

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Short post less work...

Sierra Starsong said...

Warcry's wrong, it is Drake Rider - check Central's illustrated badge guide, they have a spellbook picture of it.


Keelan DragonWraith said...

Hey Friendly, I have two questions for ya:
1) how do you earn the last badge on Page 3 of the badge page? Wikia says that its is called the "Master of the Oasis" and that you have to complete all the quests in Krokotopia (Which I have done, I think, I have the three badges anyway).
2) What is the advantage to the level 45 staffs over the swords?

Mike said...

Cool link friendly :)

Stingite said...

@MWS: yeah, I kind of feel like I didn't put enough effort into it . . . then again, some posts require extra effort, and some don't. Of course, it didn't hurt that I had already answered half of the question in another post.

@Sierra: You are absolutely right. Hmm. Funny. I e-mailed Greyrose and even she had dragonrider listed instead of drake rider. I wonder if it used to be dragonrider at one time?

@Keelan: I'll see if I can't answer those questions in an upcoming post.

@Mike: thanks, sir!