Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Changes from the Patch Last Night

Ok, so there wasn't a Celestia quest put into the game like many of us were thinking, but there were a couple of great updates that happened!

1- Stat Cap from pet xp was modified.

Let me quote Professor Greyrose since you're already here:
"Previously players were seeing that their Ancient pets are only receiving 1 experience point per game after their stats are at maximum.

Now players will receive full experience from the pet mini-games even after the stat max is reached. In other words if the player gains a +4 to a stat, then they will gain +4 experience if that stat is at max.

Snacks will also provide full experience from eating the snack, even if their stats are at max. If the player feeds their pet say... a Fancy Yogurt and gains +15 Strength, +15 Will, and +20 Power and is at the stat cap. The pet will still gain 50 Exp from eating the snack.

Full XP will be granted for stat overflows. For example, let's say my Will is 249/250 and I ace the cannon game and then eat a Golden Biscuit ( 4 Game + 4 Snack ) = 8 Will. That would normally give me 1 Will and 1 Exp. Instead, it will now give me 1 Will and 8 Exp.

This should make getting your pet to Ancient must less painful"

. . .

It definitely will!

You know, I was talking to my good buddy Mecatz this morning, and we both were a little concerned that perhaps the stats you earn might be still be a little confusing because the numbers from the right hand side, don't match up with the experience gained on the left hand side.

Mecatz sent me this picture to illustrate:

Left side says 10, right side says 5. Both are green numbers. Perhaps if the experience only points were noted in maybe blue? or some other color on the right? Or maybe if "(exp only)" was noted after a plus number on a maxed stat on the right hand side? something?

It works though, and I'm happy enough with that! It's just, perhaps it will be a touch confusing for some players. Opinions?


2- spiffy pop is no longer spiffy cheat.

Greyrose quote:
We've listened and thanks to you it's been determined that Spiffy-Pop was not working as intended. Players were getting frozen, then popped to the finish line a lap ahead.

After the next maintenance, Spiffy-Pop will move the pet behind to the next pet ahead, as was intended.

. . . have to say, still an incredible derby skill. I wonder if that'll be nerfed any more in the future or not. Opinions?

I fell victim to the spiffy pop cheat at least twice on my way to pet warlord, but I never used it myself.


And that's all the news that's fit to print!

Happy Dueling!


CJ said...

Sad that there no Celestia, but I totally agree with you, the Item/Progress loss really set them back...

Sierra Starsong said...

Pet stat boosts = XP gained? Funny I never noticed that before.

Fist of Fire said...

Finally, now my pets will be epic! I'm so happy now lol.

Ryan Winterstone said...

How were you talking to Mecatz on the Test Realm? It is still offline, was it online this morning for some reason?

Stingite said...

Hmmm, weird, I did say test realm. Why'd I say that? /shrug working too fast most likely since I was hurrying to get to work. Updated now. Sorry for the confusion.